Yahoo E-mail Error

A Connection Failure Has Occurred!! Yahoo WTF?

Yahoo are we trying to compensate too fast too soon? I realize you recently had the worst technological failure ever, and rightfully admitted this, but why aren’t things getting better?

I logged into my Yahoo e-mail account today to be faced with an unwanted, and untimely decision — one that I’m all-too-familiar with as a Gmail owner. The decision? Which Yahoo Theme would I like to use in my Yahoo account?

Yahoo E-mail Themes

Candy canes? Turkeys? Colorful ball pit balls? Lakes? Whatever.

I quickly chose a theme just to get this unwanted nonsense out of my face. The theme changed to a winter wonderland and I thought I was ready to move on to my e-mail. Wrong.

As I type this post I can NOT open my Yahoo e-mail.

I have tried Firefox, Safari, Chrome — all but Internet Explorer which I fear would be of no consequence.

Closing the box shown above only brings more heartache, as you are thrown into a continual loop of clicking on an e-mail you’d like to read and then reading an error about how your e-mail suddenly has a “connection failure”. A connection failure has occurred.

Well Yahoo, I’m reporting that my network connection is lightning fast and if this post makes it to my server we need to address some other issues you’re having during your fiasco.

Skip the themes, skip the other mumbo jumbo and give us a working e-mail account without all of the fluff and flair and I’ll be more than a happy camper. I’ll be a Yahoo e-mail user.

I’ve found a temporary solution until Yahoo sorts this issue properly. When you are faced with the Theme box (that sets this problem in motion), do the following:

  1. Click Keep Theme
  2. Close All Yahoo Boxes (bottom left)
  3. Reload your Browser (click refresh)
At least you can now access your e-mail during this session.

Additionally, you can try this:

Good luck!

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