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What is one to do when faced with damaged, mangled broken deliveries time and time again? Do you accept the destroyed merchandise and attribute the trashed nature of your package to its long arduous journey? Is it simply inevitable given the shape of the boxes vs the size of the courier’s hands?

package trash

A behind-the-scenes look would dictate otherwise. But what about evidence? How can you prove that the package you insured and paid good money to get from point A to point B arrives safely and out of harm’s way? The answer may lie in modern technology and the use of high quality personal recording devices that are a sign of the times.


Don’t Throw My Package (.com) has brilliantly put together an effort to:

DONTTHROWMYPACKAGE.COM was born in an effort to showcase, reveal and rectify the modern-day mishandling of human-delivered packages. Each year, worldwide, consumers and businesses alike spend billions of dollars on shipping and insurance services with the promise that their parcels will be handled with the care and service outlined in the selected dispatcher’s rules and regulations. Quite frequently, as demonstrated on this website, employee performance doesn’t always honor this promise — resulting in loss of time, money and goods and services.

The website is littered with videos showcasing revealing moments where our preferred delivery men and women are tossing and launching our most precious packages from distances of up to 20 feet. In most of the situations, there simply is no justification for the lazy delivery — other than, well, pure laziness.

UPS Sidewalk!

One video showcases a UPS driver driving his five ton truck along a public sidewalk in an effort to save a few steps up and down the sidewalk to perform his paid duties.

Another rather sad instance of courier failure occurs in one of the site’s videos where a package containing chocolate was tossed over a fence — consequently the recipient’s dogs gained access to the busted package and because deathly ill.

USPS Package Toss!

I for one applaud the efforts of the site’s creator as I’ve also been subjected to mishandled parcels. In my case, I paid for the extra insurance, purchased the recommended high crush-grade box (from UPS), and my well-packed electronic device was damaged beyond recognition. Another clear-case of handler error, but at the end of the day I received no recourse.

Hopefully with the help of, this wanton mishandling of peoples’ gifts, belongings and cherished items won’t forever go unnoticed.

Handle with(out) care.

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