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eBay: Your message wasn’t sent because it included an email address

Monday, October 28th, 2013 | SMASH HowTo!, Uncategorized with 6 Comments

eBay sucks

Does the following eBay message look familiar?

Scenario: You’re trying to send correspondence, via eBay’s messaging system, to another eBay member regarding your purchase and you would like to exchange e-mail addresses:

Your message wasn’t sent because it included an email address.

If you want to receive photos from another eBay member, you do not need to share your email address. Buyers and sellers can now attach images to messages sent from eBay by using the “Attach Photos” button.

For your safety, eBay does not allow the exchange of email addresses in member to member communications . This protects both buyers and sellers by keeping a track record of communications. It also helps ensure that transactions happen on eBay so buyers and sellers are covered by eBay protection programs.

Please remove the email address and resend your message.

It should be clear why eBay is barring people from something as benign as exchanging personal contact information — the possibility of dealing OUTSIDE of eBay. Fee avoidance, entering the “gray” market, final value fee evasion…

In fact they’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that even e-mails written in code won’t slip past their Roman gates:

john at hotmail dot com  <—– detected and banned

john [at] hot mail . com   <—– detected and banned


Write your e-mail backward:  moc.ilamtoh@nhoj

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