The latest product from Ymax, is a derivative of the magic Jack and is called the femtoJack, The femtoJack is very similar to the magicJack in look and feel but it takes the technology of the magic Jack to the next step and allow users to make wireless phone calls for free from their home instead of just landline phone calls.

This is possible due to a small USB stick that has Bluetooth-like abilities built into it. It actually uses femtocell technology rather than Bluetooth but they basically work in the same way. It works by connecting your cell phone to your computer while at home so that you can make phone calls over the web via VoIP, as opposed through your local cell carrier.  In essence, it can be the answer to cutting your cell phone bill in half if it works out the way it is intended to.

femtocell technology

Actual use of the femtoJack is very simple just like its predecessor, the magic Jack.  The device itself simply plugs into a computer via a USB port and then automatically detects when you come within about an eight feet of the computer with your cell phone.  Once within the required eight feet simply enter the access code to enable the device to connect with your cell. Once connected, you will be able to take advantage of unlimited minutes at home for one low yearly free.

The free calls allowed through the femtoJack include free long distance but it is anticipated that you will have to pay an extra fee for international calls. Although the rates for internationals calls are expected to be similar to those that you can currently get through the magicJack. This is good news because through the magicJack you can get lower rates to most countries than through other companies.

femtocell femtojackOf course, there are a few things that you will want to check out before rushing out to get the femtoJack.

First of all, the femtoJack will only work with phones that support the GSM format, which means that Sprint and Verizon users will not be able to take advantage of the femtoJack unless they have an old phone from another carrier lying around the home.  Additionally, in order to work effectively the user needs to have a computer that is at least somewhat modern. You will also need a high-speed internet connection in order for any VoIP service to work properly.

Although not yet available for use, the femtoJack is expected to be released very soon. Once released we will have final information regarding it’s price but current rumors suggest that the femtoJack will cost $40 for the device initially (which includes the first year of service) and then $20 for each subsequent year of service.

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