Eric Moore Lost SD Card With Photos

Who is Eric Moore?

Honestly, I haven’t the foggiest idea who Eric is.  But I did find his camera’s memory card at a Vista Point in Oregon about a week and a half ago.  The mysteriously abandoned 2 GB Kingston SD card was chock full of memories (398 to be exact) and was laying conspicuously face-up, undamaged on a curbside along Hwy 5 at an unmarked Vista Point.

The card, was labeled “Eric Moore #3” by way of black Sharpie.

Eric Moore's SD Card With Photos

It was remarkable really - that the blistering Oregon sun or the sandblaster-like winds didn’t take an irreversible toll on the fragile, internal workings of the SD media.  More astonishing is that the card was actually still there, unclaimed and undiscovered in plain daylight at a somewhat frequently visited Vista Point on a very busy interstate.  Because, you see, if the date marked on the digital photographs is any indication of how long the card had been sitting there, we have a small miracle on our hands.

Eric Moore's Lost Photos SD-CARD

The photos were “created” on Saturday, May 30, 2009, @ 9:29:30 AM.  This could very well be the date they were taken but not the fateful day they fell out of Eric’s loosely tied knapsack — which further adds to the mystery.

But what we can also see from the information imprinted on the digital photograph, is that Eric used a “100CASIO” to take his snapshots — a Casio digital camera. The photos were a couple of megabytes each, so he wasn’t using a low-quality mode to capture his memories.  Given this and the sheer number of photos that were contained on the SD card, Eric has suffered a somewhat tragic loss here.

I hope this entry can help Eric to reclaim his photos, which I would be happy to mail back to him should this post find him at some point in the future.  Eric, if you are reading this, click HERE to send me an e-mail.

Some of Eric’s Photos

Eric Moore Nepal Mountains Picture

Beautiful Himalayan Mountains

Mountains Himalayas Eric Moore

A map detailing the Himalayan Mountain Range (with mountain names)

Sunrise Paragliding Eric Moore

Eric did some Paragliding with the Sunrise Paragliding company in Pokhara, Nepal

Small Girl Photograph Eric Moore

Here is a great shot of a little Nepalese girl

Eric Moore Himalaya Mountains

Eric showing his appreciation for the majesty of the mountain

Colored Kayaks Nepal

Here is a great shot of some colored kayaks

Nepalese Food Eric Moore

Eric Moore eats well on his excursions - yum!

Eric Moore Eating Well Nepal

VERY well…

Eric Moore Portrait Shot

One more self-portrait for the road Eric

Hopefully, through the magic of the Internet, I can get Eric his pictures back and put this mystery to rest.  As mentioned, this is only a small sample of some of the amazing photographs contained on this memory card. Any human being who has experienced a trip of this magnitude (especially a photog like Eric) has to be experiencing a major sense of disappointment at such a loss.

Eric,  may this post find you in peace. Namaste!

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Comment by Tivio M.
2009-09-02 10:50:34

Buena suerte Eric!!

Comment by rob2uk
2009-10-30 00:43:48

Is this him?

Looks a lot like the guy in tyhe hanglider pic above

Comment by Anon
2009-10-30 03:04:02

Have you tried facebook? :)

Comment by Richard
2009-11-01 04:43:30

rob2uk - yup, I’d say that’s a match. The picture is small but it looks like him and it looks like it may well be a photo from yet more of his travels. Better than that, check the networks he’s a member of - Oregon State Graduate 2005. Nice work Rob…

Send him a message Smashgods fella and nice photos btw Eric!

Comment by Eric Moore
2009-11-11 16:07:46

hey there!

i am the eric moore who lost the chip. i am not the guy suggested above, but yeah he does kind of look like me. i am from vancouver, canada and was on a road trip to california this summer when i apparently lost that chip. i hadn’t even realised it was gone. thankfully i had already loaded all those photos on my laptop and just hadn’t bothered to delete the chip.

the chip probably wasn’t there too long. i can’t quite remember when we were in oregon, but we did stop at some vista points on the way south and north. i don’t think it would have been there for more than a week.

this page was fowarded to me by Molly Hess on facebook who I guess gets the credit for solving the mystery.

to whoever created this page thank you very much for trying to track me down. as you and i both already have all these pictures i am quite happy to let you keep the chip unless you really feel like mailing it up here to vancouver.

as for nepal it is an amazing place and i highly recommend a visit to anyone looking for an adventure. i don’t think this chip contained my most breathtaking pictures of nepal so if you like what you see then go there to see the real thing.

as for the huge meals i seemed to eat, they’re called Dhal Bot (basically means Lentil Food) and it’s the main staple in nepal. the two meals shown are fancier tourist versions of what the locals eat twice everyday but neither of them cost me more than about $2.

thanks again!

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