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This Friday (May 29), ABC will air a special called “Un-broke: What You Need to Know About Money”, which will attempt to explain this current recession to a distinct audience that pretty much needs it –the same young people who get roped into credit card debt, live well beyond their means because they have to have the 22” rims, and who may well find themselves, like so many people across America, broke. Knowing that our attention-addled youth won’t listen to some hand-wringing let’s-get-in-a-circle like Linda Ellerbee used to do on Nickelodeon, or a Nightline-type discussion by Robert Krulwich, ABC decided to bring out some big guns. Enter Will Smith, the Jonas Brothers, Samuel L. Jackson, Cedric the Entertainer and others, along with “Good Morning America” contributor Mellody Hobson, who try to talk to young people without talking down to young people.

If this video, released as a preview of sorts, is anything like the rest of the show, then it may well be something worth watching. Remember the old “MTV Cribs” show back in the day, when MTV corralled its own stable of rappers and other faux-luminaries into inviting us into their own homes, not for a spot of tea and conversation, but to show us all their bling –the plasmas and private screening rooms, where they “get busy” in their master bedrooms, and of course, their phat (do people still say this?) rims on their AMGs in the garage. Oh, and the empty fridges except for the Red Bulls. This was MTV’s version of a simple reality show, except that it became a bit of a phenomenon because people were constantly watching the show to keep up with the latest crap that Shaq had (his tricked-out Hummers) or to wonder whether Usher really needed to have five Benzes. And who could forget the creepy time when wacky Mariah Carey attempted to use her Stairmaster wearing her Gucci stiletto heels and then take a bubble bath fully clothed in her Juicy Couture hooded outfit. In any case, “MTV Cribs” was a weekly exercise in idiotic excess.

UnbrokeClearly Seth Green knows this too, and in this uproarious spoof, he brings a well-deserved twist to all this excess. It’s as if he is saying: if you want to live beyond your means and show it off, you’re probably not going to end up keeping it. Have you heard of the word “foreclosure”? Fixed-rate mortgages versus ARMs? Hey, is that the guy who sang “Gangstas Paradise” in the unemployment line? Did American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino lose her house after all?

Dressed like a reject from a House of Pain video in a green Adidas tracksuit and perfecting the ‘yo’-yo’s in his ridiculous rapper patois, Green welcomes into his very modest home with the TV watching something that well could have been on MTV Cribs and this warning —while it may be “blazin’ yo”, it is “probably more than one-third my gross monthly income!”. Snap. Then he invites us into his 2-bedroom bungalow (or small house), all 897-square feet of it, in the non-glamorous Pasadena-suburb-of LA-suburb of Altadena. We also like the homely red (but rusty) Subaru sedan with the 14-inch rims, even with the “20 Reggaeton stations”. You get the idea. You don’t need the Corinthian leather sofa explosion when your friend Craig brings you a hideous velour-but-really polyester blanket to put on your sofa “that’s also a bed”. Why keep up with all the materialistic hype of a Playstation or Wii when you got board games like Yahtzee?


The only kinda ugh-worthy moment occurs at the end when, approaching his kiddie pool, he asks, “Yo, where my ho’s at?!” but then produces a garden hose with a trickling stream of water to fill the pool. A playa’s got to be concerned about the environment, y’all!

[Via The Huffington Post]

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Comment by Jason
2009-06-19 03:17:10

It’s a good and funny idea. But is that REALLY Seth’s house? Or is it just a “bit” to convey a message to young adults today but say they’re “going green” but wipe their ass with plastic when they get home, you get the idea.

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