Goodbye Shiba Inu Pups!

Monday, December 8th, 2008 | SMASH Pop Culture with

So it may time to say goodbye today —finally, and sadly, after 8 weeks of virtually uninterrupted happiness and an addiction for millions around the world. Yes, it’s true. The 6 Shiba Inu puppies that have been on puppycam via UStream for the past eight weeks from here in the SF Bay Area are about to find homes by disparate owners. We’re in desperate times economically; the headlines of home foreclosures, layoffs, our dwindling 401Ks, and all around malaise, but many of us certainly knew where to go to escape all of these glum times. And it was in the precious bundles of these tiny Japanese hunting dog breeds: three males (Aki, Akoni, Ando) and three females (Autumn, Ayumi, Amaya), all mischievous, all gnawing at each others’ little furry legs, all barking, and all identified by different-colored collars. (I have been partial to Ayumi.)

Late breaking news! Apparently only three of the six pups are leaving today –Autumn, Ando and Akoni. The still-unidentified current owners of the pups have released no additional information and they have not given any interviews. What we do know is that this viral sensation has brought them attention around the world and in the mainstream media. The live
which started
on October 8,
also made
a star of
The live feed, which started on October 8, also made a star of, which was the portal that beamed the live images of the puppies gnawing on their plush toys or their sibling’s tails for all of us to see. The Shiba Inu site has had 6 million hits just this past week alone, and UStream has likened the size of their audience to the Obama acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Here, for your (and our) viewing pleasure are a few clips designed to still somehow provide some source of comfort and enjoyment of some pretty cute and amazing creatures. We’ve all watched them from the beginning, from suckling at Mom’s teet and barely being able to stand to now knocking over each other with their expanding furry butts and roly-poly, cylindrical torsos. I don’t think they’re less cute really now that they’re “older”. They simply need much space so they can run around and not tear shit up in these indoor confines.

Honestly, I can watch these puppies for hours —this is the original link to the live feed. If it is on “slideshow” it’s because the puppies are away at the vet or it’s night and they need to sleep:

This next link is a marvelous and moving compilation tribute to the puppies by the Sun Sentinel in Florida. Singer/composer Ben Sharkey adds his own song, “Won’t You Come Back to Me” to the soundtrack.

And finally, what do you know? A new Shiba Inu live feed on UStream! Only this time it’s five pups from West Chester, PA born the day after Thanksgiving. Nine day old puppies still mostly sleeping a lot and tired Mom hanging around them Hmm. I don’t know. I am going to miss the original Shiba Inus but I guess these will do for now.

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