Ever wonder what it would be like to have your entire online world babysat, censored and ultimately severed by the biggest brother you could possibly imagine?

And no, I’m not referring to the brazen site blocking efforts put forth by our friends at Panera Bread

It should come as no surprise at the mention of the extreme and unrelenting efforts the Chinese government have gone through to make sure that its population remain “untainted” and live lifestyles that are “good for the national interest”.  No outside politics, no unfettered human rights declarations, and.. no religion too.

But as menacing and severe as this seems, it doesn’t exactly hit home until we can experience some of this first hand.  Well, now we can.

Download the China Channel Firefox Add-on Plugin HERE.

The plugin basically reroutes your IP through China, allowing you to appear as a Chinese citizen -  from anywhere in the world. Should you click on a site the Chinese government feels is “unbecoming” a countryman, you’ll experience a 15 minute browsing ban.  It’s Pavlov at his best (or worst) and they make no bones about it.

Fortunately, in this version, you can just reopen the browser with a newly assigned IP if you’d like to continue experiencing the madness.

The plugin developers were even brave nice enough to include a 5-step video to get you up and running with the software:

HERE is a list of some blocked sites - for the full experience.

Oh, and don’t be surprised if your search for ‘chairman mao nude’ turns up pictures of puppies.

[Via China Channel]

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