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If you use a cellphone, you use voicemail.  And if you use voicemail, you know the unfortunate pitfalls involved in its daily use:   dialing in costs you minutes, it takes time to wade through multiple messages (you’re forced to listen to the messages that are drivel or spam in nature), and you are forced to press your ear to your mobile device or have your bluetooth headset on in order to retrieve your messages with any degree of privacy.

SpinVox has an answer for those of us who dread the daily doldrums of message retrieval.  It’s a voice-to-text program that makes voicemails easier to use.

The service monitors your calls and turns what’s spoken into a text message.  It then delivers your message to a destination of your choice – inbox, blog, wall or space.  And there are no privacy concerns here — this is all done by a machine.

No software installation is required, and it works with all mobile phones that support voicemail and SMS.

By default, the person calling you will receive a greeting message from SpinVox explaining that their call is being converted to a text message. You can add a personal greeting easily enough, but the SpinVox promo tag will be appended to it.

Oh, and the service isn’t free - you pay for each message conversion, and you can buy these conversions in bundles of 10, 20 or 50. This may seem costly or superfluous, but it can ultimately cost less than listening to your voicemail while using up precious minutes.

They do offer a Trial period, but be prepared to listen to ads in your voicemail messages.

And the company was recently funded $100 mil, so the service should be around awhile…

Alternatively, check out: PhoneTag and Jott.

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Comment by David Gerzof
2008-09-19 05:22:58

PhoneTag is the U.S. leader in voicemail-to-text services - it works with all mobile providers and you can tie it in with your home and office phones too. Even better, you get an attached audio file with the transcribed message, so you never have to dial into your voicemail. Additionally, with PhoneTag you can upload your contact book so names get transcribed correctly and you cna respond to voice messages by email. Try out PhoneTag free for 30 days at: https://apps.simulscribe.com/signup/a/smashgods

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