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Big Brother 10 Week 9

Quite a dramatic week inside the BB house, but that’s because we are near the end of the show and the houseguests are, as Jerry thoughtfully put it, “smelling the money” –the half mil the winner will get. After Renny’s ouster last week, we had two people voted out, Keesha and Jerry. That leaves the Renegade duo of Dan and Memphis to await the harsh questioning of the jury in Tuesday night’s final episode.

Watching Keesha get the boot was a little tough. She had been thinking for several weeks that she was in a Dan-Memphis-Keesha alliance, and to some extent she was right. Other people were backdoored or maneuvered our of the house as a way to preserve this alliance. Thus Michelle was unceremoniously let go; ditto Ollie and his stupidity (and his admission this week, from the jury house, that his regret was thinking with his heart and not his brain). In any case, Keesha felt she had a shot at the final two, and that somehow Dan or Memphis would bring her along for the final two selection.

With Jerry still in the house, that complicated things. Instead, Memphis and Dan had a plan that needed smart execution. Memphis elected to be the bad guy. In one tense scene, he told Keesha that as POV winner, he would take himself off (the other one put up by Dan was Jerry), and that Dan would be forced to put her up. Then, like a Greek tragedy in which the heroine has a moment of lucidity, Keesha tearfully realized that Memphis was then going to vote her, and not Jerry out. Lots of dramz, and as this clip shows, she goes through a lot of anger and Kleenex when she confronts Memphis and Dan about her imminent departure, which came on Tuesday night.

We aren’t sure if this is all staged, but of course it is. Once Keesha leaves, Memphis have this mock argument about how mad Dan was that Memphis voted her out. Dan became the “good guy” and at the same time Memphis tried to make Jerry believe that by not voting him out at that moment, that their phony alliance was still on. That way, when Jerry got voted out, he would not feel mad at him as much.

As the HOH winner this week, Dan earned an interesting reward.  (By the way, another physical challenge in which they sit atop airplane wings suspended. Oh yes, another possibility that Jerry could
fallen and
broken his brittle
neck and died
Jerry could have fallen and broken his brittle neck and died.) Dan was told by BB that he would win a special copter ride to an “exotic” seaside location for a pleasant meal outdoors. He decided to reveal the trip part of the reward, but he didn’t tell Keesha, Memphis or Jerry about another important detail: he could take along a companion, either from the BB house or from the Jury House –i.e., the losers who are wearing entirely too much make-up and whining that they didn’t win the money. Dan, always working it like a pro, decided to invite Michelle, the same Luso-American hothead who almost flattened him when Dan backdoored her out. The same Dan who also voted out a couple of Michelle’s friends. Dan’s rationale (of course): earn her trust and maybe get her to vote for him in the final two. The meal happens, Dan surprises her, and the two talk about old times in the house, eat some food from the CBS commissary and they are probably in someone’s backyard in Oxnard, for all we know. Michelle is not the bubbly person of before; she is a little suspicious. Dan asks her not to hate him. Michelle may or may not be still angry.

When Keesha gets the official ouster announcement from Chenbot, she begins to walk out, but not before Dan, te HOH, whispers to her that he invited Michelle on the copter lunch reward. In this way, Keesha can at least maybe feel some sympathy for Dan, and how hard it was to keep this from the other houseguests. Or maybe Dan’s conscience got the best of him, and Keesha is hurt that she wasn’t asked. The important thing is that Keesha is mad at Memphis, not Dan.

In the final BB competition, Dan wins HOH again, denying Memphis the chance to win it this season. He actually admits this competitive side, which in a way, speaks to his own stronger and smarter play throughout the season. In fact, Dan has held together the Renegade Alliance better than Memphis. Dan has bravely put himself out there the most of anyone, being assertive and aggressive while Memphis, in his Justin-Timberlake-like-fedora and paunchy v-neck t-shirt and flip flops, has avoided almost all confrontation. That’s why his scene with Keesha this week was so striking.

With Dan as HOH, there needed to be a new competition that would decide who would go with him to the final two. Taking a page from the “Survivor” penultimate episodes where the final 3 or 4 take a canoe and remember all the noble players that had been voted off before, BB had Memphis and Jerry try to remember the order in which the previous houseguests were voted off. One problem, at least superficially: BB ain’t no “Survivor” and Ollie would not be what you’d call “noble” and these people have not been starving on rice and sleeping outside amid storms.

Jerry really had difficulty with this competition and he was completely blown out of the water by Memphis. The mental and physical challenge took Memphis some 8 minutes to complete, compared to Jerry’s pathetic 51 minutes. It wasn’t even close. Jerry knew that doom was near. And in a few choice moments this week especially, he did something that he finally tried to pull out of his bag of tricks: the sympathy card. You couldn’t miss it. Old Jerry laid it on thick in conversations with Keesha, Dan and Memphis about his Parkinson’s-suffering wife, about how this was his “last hurrah”, etc. There were moments when the camera would capture his glum, woe-is-me expression. Maybe if Jerry hadn’t been so utterly annoying and, as we found out, disgusting (leaving his dentures out!? Wtf?) in the past two months, maybe this sad sack might have worked. Then again, you would be hard pressed to find anyone in the jury house who would give him their vote. Jerry’s ass went packing on Thursday, leaving the Renegade Alliance, the duo of Memphis and Dan to perform their dorky high-five once again.

I hate to do this to the guy, but here’s a clip to send Jerry off with. Apparently he ingested some apple juice that subsequently made him sick. This clip shows him puking while lumpy Memphis relaxes on the hammock with Dan nearby. Jerry goes over to the garbage bin and attempts to heave his bits, which in turn makes Dan sick too. Hey, guess what? I know what it’s like. This past Thursday, as the clock passed midnight and into my birthday, I also puked. For me it wasn’t apple juice. It was a few glasses of a Robert Mondavi Merlot (2005), decent amount of Indian food, and a fruit platter –in addition to accidentally taking in some mouthwash after brushing my teeth for the night. I literally lost my balance and had to rolf all that fun mix of contents down the bathroom toilet of my Doubletree Hotel room in LA. Ugh. I feel your pain, Colonel.

In a related personal note, while I was in LA this week, I realized that I was about 5 minutes away from the BB house, which is on the lot of CBS Television City, right on 7800 Beverly Blvd. (If you remember the old “Price is Right” with Bob Barker, then you know the address by heart.) It is also where the Bill Maher show, and American Idol, plus numerous other shows are filmed. At my hotel I also had on the Showtime 2 “Big Brother After Hours” footage, in which CBS rotates between cameras inside and outside the house. Watching Memphis pretend to listen to Jerry’s sob stories was not very entertaining, nor the sight of frosted glass hiding a naked Dan from taking a shower. However, knowing that this really was live when Jerry asked what time it was (“It’s 11:30 pm) when it was really 11:30 in Los Angeles, was pretty cool. No, I did not attempt to pay a visit to the house.

Next Tuesday the winner will be chosen. Expect more drama and self-centered moments of anger from the jury members. And of course we really want to know if April and Ollie, now no longer vying for the cash, are still knockin’ boots or whether she has given him the real heave-ho, ho.

Who’s winning the cash? Dan.

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