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Saturday, September 6th, 2008 | SMASH TV with

Big Brother 10

Things appear to be going as planned–the Renegade Alliance plan, that is, between Memphis and Dan. After the double eviction of Michelle and Ollie last week, Jerry became HOH –the second time this season for him. With five members left, the lines have been clearly drawn. Beyond the strict (and secret) alliance of the two renegades, there is Keesha.

Dan and Memphis see Keesha as a partner. On the other side, Jerry was pretty much by himself. Renny, who is best friend’s with Keesha, was also alone for a couple of reasons. One, Jerry never found any kinship with the ‘Nawlins beauty shop owner, so he wasn’t going to ally with her. Her dislike for “The Colonel” was also well-known. Two, neither Memphis nor Dan liked Renny either in that they didn’t trust her. Yet Renny’s value up to now was that she was someone who would roundly beat whomever would be in the final two. And it’s only because Renny never reached the nastiness or horrible behavior levels of an April or a Libra. In the end, Renny was voted out. Jerry put up Dan and Keesha, as a way to pick someone off the other side. Memphis won POV, then he took his fellow renegade Dan off, which by default required Jerry to put Renny, the remaining houseguest, up. Firmly in control and the only ones voting, Dan and Memphis voted Renny off 2-0.

Other developments from this week, with just under ten days to go until the winner is revealed:

*Dan is the power broker of the season. He has manipulated and lied. He has promised things and never delivered. He has been America’s Player and for a week he performed tasks that won him $20,000 without anyone knowing. He has become more powerful as the weeks have gone on precisely because he has been so open in his pursuit. He is not a mean person, mind you. He probably still takes his cross off before doing something treacherous. But he has expertly lined up his ducks and had them do as he says, and kind of make up things as he goes along. He is gawky, he looks a bit awkward. He has an annoying habit of shouting at the camera when he goes into the confessional room. But, in allying himself at the right time with Memphis, their machinations seem to be paying off. He is not totally in the clear yet. And remember: he was Brian’s original ally in the very first week so he managed to save himself a long time ago.

*Memphis has been another power broker, but he works decidedly behind the scenes. He absolutely avoids confrontation because he clearly hates it. He almost beat down Jerry early on when he was accused of being a “womanizer”, so it appears that Memphis has issues with certain names or he just hates the old man. Memphis has floated well, seeming to escape people’s suspicions and avoid the name-calling. He has, at times, allied himself with Keesha, then with Dan, and this week, he gave the impression that he would have Jerry’s back. Yes, Jerry, the same person who almost got smacked by him weeks before. The alliance never materialized; we knew this. Memphis stayed true to his word and took Dan off the block. In so doing he took off the one person who really annoyed him. Renny bugged him because he could think of no other way to keep her on.

*It should be noted that if the final two are indeed Dan versus Memphis, they might actually cancel each other out. Both have (or would have) just about the same number of detractors and the same number of supporters. If any other houseguest would be left –Keesha and Jerry—Dan or Memphis probably would not stand a chance.

*Keesha has not been well. She has clearly lost focus. She seemed nervous at the last couple of physical and mental challenges and it’s clear the game is getting to her. She appeared rattled at being put up on the block because she felt that she could have gone h. ome. When her friend Renny was put up beside her, she felt more anxiety because, as she put it, it would be a “lose-lose” situation. If plans go as they should, Keesha will stay next week and it will be Jerry who finally goes home. Again, were it her or either of the renegades she would probably win the final prize.

*Jerry deathwatch: Jerry actually almost lost his life this week, and of course it was replayed over and over again. Not a joke. While outside with Dan and Memphis, Jerry was walking around the swimming pool when one of those bogus banners up in the sky left by a small plane that BB houseguests think is meant for them. (This has happened on occasion before.) While all three were trying to walk around and look up so they could read the message, Jerry fell in completely. In fact, he brushed his ankle on the side of the pool before dropping amid gales of laughter from the Renegade Duo. This was worse than a “senior moment”, as Jerry called it, climbing out of the pool. The man could have broken his brittle legs. He could have lost his breath and drowned. Lungs filled with water. CBS surely would have had to pay out millions to his survivors. Oh wait, these contestants have to sign some kind of release, right. In any case, this could have been a tragic end, but for now let’s relive this as a tribute to the Colonel.

*In a taped video segment, Chenbot showed us what has been going at the BB Jury House. This is where the losers get to decamp, catch up with each other and perhaps realize that the person who is about to enter the door is the same person who had just voted them out. So it was a house with Libra, looking glam and a bit calmer, and April, her one-time nemesis, in all her bleached blonde vapidity. The jury house is sequestered and they continue to have no contact with the outside world, and they are given special DVDs by CBS of the BB10 episodes. For the finale, presumably, they will get to ask the final two some questions and then vote on the winner. But first, they get to watch what we watch. One ridiculous moment occurred when April made a comment about the regrettable level of dignity that the remaining contestants, especially her enemy Keesha, must have. She even accused Keesha of being fat and gaining “15 pounds” in her “ass”. I honestly don’t know what evil moons aligned themselves so acutely between these two blondes, but the rancor and hatred between them runs deep. Sure, Keesha has puffed up, but why not level this charge against an increasingly Rubenesque Memphis, who is growing man-boobs in his v-neck gray Old Navy t-shirt. And as for having a unrespectable level of dignity, April, look in the mirror: you’re the one who had frequent (and sometimes unprotected) sex-a-thons with Ollie from the start, moaning and undulating up a storm on the live feeds and, yes, eventually on You Tube. April, you are all class. And oh yeah, you look like Cindy McCain, minus the diamonds you can’t afford.

*On Thursday’s show, we also saw a backwards-capped Ollie show up after Michelle, and all of America was waiting for his big question to be answered by April: would she be his (first) girlfriend? April said yes so cavalierly; one could tell that she really was not into seeing him –well, at least not now, because he was supposed to be in the house earning them some loot. Again, April played Ollie all along and it shouldn’t take too long for this relationship to fizzle. That, or they will simply put on a good show for the cameras and you can be sure that Chenbot will revisit this fun couple on finale night, September 16.

*So now the pieces are coming together: Dan is the new HOH. He has placed Jerry and Memphis on the block for elimination. Getting Jerry off first, then possibly Keesha, is the plan for the Renegade Duo. Only if Jerry wins POV will he be able to save himself. Word is that Memphis has just won POV. Since he and Keesha are the only ones voting, Jerry and his tired bones will be gone next. Let’s see what happens when Keesha realizes she may be next —or not.

Finally, in hopes that this doesn’t sound sexist, only one woman (Keesha) remains and the rest are firmly esconsed somewhere along the Pacific coast. So let’s take a trip down memory lane and feast on this delightful compilation of catfights that took place this season. Oh no, you didn’t, indeed.

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