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The Class Action

In the Class Action filed in 2007, Plaintiff alleges that VW knowingly concealed, suppressed and omitted to disclose to consumers that Class Vehicles contained defectively designed timing belt tensioners, timing belts and/or associated parts (”timing belt system”), and that VW failed to disclose and/or misrepresented the appropriate service interval for replacement of the timing belt system in Settlement Class Vehicles. VW has denied any defect, wrongdoing or liability whatsoever and deny that this lawsuit could properly be certified as a class action for trial.

Has yours snapped yet?

Mine did. And it was a thoroughly sickening and indignant episode that occurred during an extremely heavy commute time, on a dangerous and well-traveled curve in the road, along one of the most congested streets in all of San Francisco.

I’m on the Audi side of this class-action coin. I’ve owned my TT since 2000 (one of the “original” owners) and have had only a handful of superficial problems with the car; the majority of which were covered and repaired under the three-year warranty Audi provides. Naturally, had the timing belt snapped within the three years, you wouldn’t be reading this post.

It was into my fourth year of ownership and under 80K miles when the belt decided to give — and from that point on, there would be a whole lot of givin’ going on: to the tune of $5,000+ in total repair costs paid to my beaming Audi representative, who claimed there was nothing that could be done by way of compensation from Audi since I was out of warrranty.

And there were many unlucky members of this particular Audi Club.

Unsettlingly, Audi has known about these problems since as early as July of 2005, but has refused to take action, claiming instead that the company was “not obligated to inform customers until the extent of the problem had been fully determined.”

Audi Timing Belt

Well, this eagle has landed: The belts are inherently bad, thoroughly flawed, and embarrassingly weak in construction. I’d say it HAS been determined that these particular Audi & Volkswagen timing belts have some serious, and potentially life-threatening defects.

The recent Olson vs. Volkswagen of America Class Action Suit is underway, and full details of the settlement can be found here:

The Dirty Details

A Settlement has been proposed in a class action lawsuit against Volkswagen of America, Inc. involving all persons or entities which, on or before May 19, 2008, owned or leased a model year 2000, 2001, 2002 and/or 2003 Audi A4 or Audi TT or a model year 1999 Volkswagen Passat vehicle equipped with a 1.8 liter turbocharged engine sold or distributed in the United States by Volkswagen of America, Inc. through its unincorporated division “Audi of America, Inc.”

The proposed Settlement reimburses applicable Class Members for losses due to covered timing belt failures, including damage to the engine and related reasonable out of pocket expenses, provides an extended warranty, free inspection of the timing belt (where applicable) and updates the owner’s manual.

What to expect?

  1. If you haven’t received your notification in the mail from Audi, call 1-877-465-4899 and let them know that your vehicle meets the guidelines of the settlement. Don’t delay.
  2. Once you receive your documentation, fill it out (include repair receipts) and mail it in.
  3. Someone will get back to you within 60 days.
  4. VW must make payments under the Reimbursement Program within 30 days of the date on which the order of the Court finally approving the Settlement is not subject to any appeal or the Settlement Administrator’s receipt of the claim, whichever shall be later. Under applicable court rules, the earliest deadline for these payments is January 2, 2009.
  5. Bottom line: you’re either entitled to a free inspection of your current timing belt, or a reimbursement of the damage incurred to your car as a result of a timing belt breakage.

Audi Letter

February 23, 2009 update:

  • Click the following link to access the Order Granting Final Approval of the settlement (PDF), along with the pen and ink signature from United States District Court Judge, Hon. Manuel L. Real.
  • Several e-mails have come back, “Payments will begin being mailed in mid-February” - so we are all on the same page and receiving the same, stock answer regarding the disbursements.
  • By now, everyone should have received the green confirmation card (featured below) stipulating that your documentation (qualifying  or not) HAS been received. If you have not received the card, find out why. You’ll want to be on the entitlement list when the claims are finally processed.

Settlement Documentation Received

February 27, 2009 update:

From the PSWPLAW website:

On February 27, 2009, the settlement administrator sent settlement checks to those class members who submitted timely and valid claims.  If you have specific questions regarding your claim, please contact the settlement administrator directly at 1-877-465-4899 or

March 19, 2009 update:

As of mid-March, the Settlement Administrator agency has been distributing new letters to class members who were denied during the first round of reimbursement issuance. It is unclear at this stage whether or not the letters are being sent only to those who submitted follow-up documentation, or if the letters are being sent to individuals who the S.A. deems worthy of reconsideration (my hunch is that it’s the former).

The letters read as follows:

You recently received a letter indicating your Claim Form has been denied in the above referenced Settlement.  It has been determined that your Claim Form requires additional review, and a re-evaluation will be performed.  You do not need to submit further documentation at this time.

You will be notified in writing of the decision of the re-evaluation, by either receiving your payment or by receiving another letter where you will be provided the opportunity to submit additional documentation if required.  This process should be completed within 4-6 weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact the settlement administrator at the number listed above.  You may also email the Settlement Administrator by visiting the website at


Settlement Administrator

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Comment by Jennifer
2008-09-17 21:29:47

It happened to me too. The belt on my 1999 Passat wagon went out at 81,000 miles on the 5 South Freeway (Los Angeles) in a.m. rush hour (yes, we do tend to remember these details). A VW dealership told me it would be over $5,000 to fix it. I took it to an independent VW mechanic who did the work for $2,200 and I had to pay over $400 for a rental car and $330 for VW dealership to “diagnose” the problem (I’m not kidding). It would be wonderful if I could be reimbursed for this. I’m really hoping the settlement reps won’t find a loophole.

Comment by Stan in Seattle
2009-03-02 16:56:37

I had a similar experience to Jennifer’s with my 1999 4 door Passat at 96,500 miles in 2005. I submitted my detailed expenses, a letter explaining that the amount I was requesting was far less than if I had gone to a VW dealer. My repair cost me $2,600 with a ‘family’ discount from my nephew who worked as a certified mechanic at the time and was able to use his employer’s garage at night, on his own time.

I did get mine in on time, got stuff back and today, March 2, received a letter saying that they denied my claim due to ‘insufficient evidence’. I wrote another cover letter, copied everything I had saved from my original submittal and am mailing it tomorrow since they gave me until March 19 if I wanted to contest their decision.

I figured I had nothing to lose and was not going to accept their ‘first pass’. I am convinced that they hope by doing this a number of folks will just go away.

Comment by antvanlee
2009-03-04 02:50:08

I to received the “insufficent evidence” notice, which I signed and mailed back to the Administrator. My question is: how do we prove that the timing belt failure destroyed the engine? All I have is a receipt outlining $3393 in repairs, including valves, pumps, timing belts…(it’s been submitted) I don’t know a ton about engines, but what other oversights could cause catastrophic engine destruction?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-22 10:01:28

My evidence has been rejected as insufficient, too. From what I understand, they want letters from the mechanics or responsible folks at the service places emphatically stating that timing belt failure was the reason for the repair. Even though it would be obvious to a ten year old that that’s why the repair was being done, judging from the labor done and itemized parts.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-04-15 11:59:23

I have sent in all required info twice so far. The only thing I get back are letters (Sent at the very last second for compliance.) saying that more information is needed. They want bank statements, credit card information, etc. I was reading over the judgement from the court and it said that we only needed to provide proof of payment, ie: the receipt from the mechanic. So what is the hold-up? Could it be that the interest accruing in the bank is just too much to part with? I know 4 other friends that are going through this. NONE of us has received a reimbursement check. Have any of you heard of anything actually being reimbursed?

Comment by Don
2009-04-19 20:46:51

Denise, I think you’re right. Every day they stall is another day they earn interest with our money, and we’re talking about millions of dollars. To be fair however, there are people that make their livings surfing for class actions to defraud, so the administrator has to be careful. Hang in there - those of us with bona fide claims are entitled to reimbursement and will eventually receive it. It’s the law.

Comment by Denise
2009-04-27 08:01:20

I sure hope so. It just seems as though they are taking a long time. I just got off of the phone with the settlement admin. I was told that the 4-6 weeks was an estimate. That at present time they are looking at another 4 weeks or so. Why? It should be very simple. Claimant needs A, B and C to qualify. If they have A, B and C then a check should be sent out, if not then a notice should be sent out. This should be done on a weekly basis NOT a monthly, or longer, basis. Calling the hotline does no good as they only quote what is on the internet. I just want what I had to shell out to fix the car after the timing belt broke. I didn’t submit any claim for towing (another almost $300), or any other reimbursment. It just seems as though they aren’t taking the court orders seriously. The judge ordered that the claims be honored in a timely manor. This is NOT timely. Has ANYONE gotten their claim check yet? In whole?

Comment by Abby Waddleton
2009-05-15 07:45:13

No- I have been searching the internet hoping to see that atleast some people had received checks. It doesn’t seem to be these case. I was out $4600 in 2003 and was thrilled to hear I might recoup some or all of this money but NOTHING yet.

Comment by Jerry
2008-09-23 17:16:12

Late July with 95,000 miles I was on the freeway, driving to work at 5 a.m. when the car surged and I had to coast to the shoulder. I took it to my mechanic that does the maint. on it and he found that the timing belt had broken. It took many days to repair the damage caused by this, including ALL 20 VALVES, and much , much more. I hope that this doesn’t happen to anyone else. It was very expensive, and unnecessary.

Comment by samantha
2008-09-23 20:26:14

It recently happened to my 2002 A4 Audi. We bought the vehicle used at a little over 74,000 miles. As of right now Im trying to find out whether or not the dealership did a overall inspection of the vehicle. i do know it was serviced from a carfax report and it has been serviced since. The timing belt snapped and caused extensive damage to the vehicle at 102,000 miles. currently the vehicle is tied up at an audi dealership. they are trying to find out if the vehicle was inspected at the 80k mark and were not sure. any suggestions?

Comment by David
2008-10-17 12:00:07

I have a Voltswagon Beetle 2 that had an Audi belt that
the teeth broke out of.

Comment by Cheri
2008-11-03 12:58:13

My 99 Passat recently broke down on the highway as well (within a month after receiving the Class Action Lawsuit notices). The only dealership here in OK said it was the timing belt tensioner/timing belt (for $4,462.85) and I needed to provide inspection receipts for 40k and 80k. Granted they were not from the VW dealer, but from my own mechanic. VW has denied the claim because the inspections “don’t state that the belts and tensioners removed and inspected, just checked”.
The lawsuit doesn’t pay for anttorney fee’s but it’s worth it to me to pay $500 or so to possibly get them to step up to the plate.
Any other advice would be great! Good luck to everyone else.

Comment by Mr. Kelly
2008-11-10 12:55:16

My 01′ TT (225hp Quatro)
was making funny noises under the hood. (Marchish 07′) Figuring I was due for a timing belt change anyway, I set an appointment at the local dealer (I always get dealer service)
So, on my way to bring it to the dealership to get the timing belt replace (91K miles) litterally less than a half mile from the dealership it broke.

I had a friend trailer it the last half mile. They said it would cost $800 to diagnose to know for sure how many valves were bent. But it could cost up to $5500.

So I sold it as a repairable for well over $5500 less than it was worth.

I talked too the attorney on the case a couple months ago, and they confirmed that I was still elligable since I encured a loss. So I sent in my evidence and request for payment as required.

They got back to me with a card in the mail saying the final hearing was set for Nov. 4th 08′

Cross your fingers everyone.
Sure would be nice to get my money back.

Mr. Kelly

Comment by Kay Weiss
2010-12-09 20:30:21

I read all these comments and it made me feel slightly better. I bought my VW Beetle Turbo used and I was not warned about the devastation to my engine. I took it in to the place where people got VW oil changes done. The mechanic told me I would be allright until my next oil change, 2 weeks later on my birthday it broke going up a mountain. I was stranded out in the desert with my dog for 2 hours. I was lucky to be on top of a summit so I got phone service. A tow truck charged me $275 to bring it home. Then I was told I needed a new engine. A man towed the car to the nearest VW for 200 in gas. The VW place said the valves were all bent. Cost 3200. I just would like to know, who would build a high performance engine that would rely on a mickey mouse belt like that. What a waste of money. Kay

Comment by Mr. Kelly
2008-11-18 09:26:19


On November 3, 2008 counsel for Volkswagen and the class attended the final approval hearing. One of the 29 class member objectors also attended the fairness hearing. The court deemed the objection of the attending class member “well taken” and stated that it was not going to “presently approve the settlement without prejudice.”

As a result, the distribution of reimbursement monies to those class members who submitted claims cannot proceed at this time. Both Class Counsel and the attorneys for Volkswagen are working together to address the objector’s concerns .

A copy of the minute order, served on November 10, 2008, is can be downloaded

If you have additional comments regarding the settlement, letters can be sent, e-mailed or faxed to PSSW&P

Comment by Blake
2008-11-19 19:46:45

So what happens now?

Comment by Lu
2008-12-03 17:05:34

I have a 2001 TT Roadster. I had the timimg belt break on me and am part of this class action. I’ve read the minute order but it’s pretty vague. Does anyone know what the objection was?

Comment by Lu
2008-12-03 17:06:45

Found an update:


On November 20, 2008, Pearson, Simon, Soter, Warshaw & Penny, LLP filed a Motion for Reconsideration of the Court’s November 3, 2008 Order denying final approval of the settlement. The hearing is currently scheduled for December 15, 2008.

Additionally, we are pleased to confirm that the objector who appeared before the Court has agreed to withdraw his objection. We will provide you with an update after the Court rules on the Motion for Reconsideration.

Comment by Kelly
2008-12-11 11:38:07

Thanks Lu!

How are you getting your information? I haven’t received one thing on this since I mailed my receipts and letter to them. I just finally googled ‘audi timing belt lawsuit’ and found you.

Comment by Jerry
2008-12-16 07:14:27

I am a member of the class and a KS attorney and have been staying in contact with attorneys for the class in CA since November, 2008. I don’t represent the class, and cannot provide legal advice to you, but I have some information you would want to know.

The motion for reconsideration was heard yesterday (December 15, 2008). The court gave the required final approval of the settlement. This was what I had wanted to happen on Novenber 3, 2008, but didn’t becuase the court was apparently persuaded by an objection by a member of the class who showed up at the hearing. That objection was subsequently withdrawn.

Next, the court has to prepare a written order and file it before the approval becomes effective. The effective date of final approval of the settlement triggers some deadlines for payment in the the settlement agreement - you can refer to it for more details.

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-22 09:57:18

I mailed my claim in late due to complications from Hurricane Ike. Mailed by express mail on 10/7/08. Do you think Rule 6(b) relief should apply to the deadlines in the Settlement Order? I am being told no by the Class Counsel…

Comment by vad005
2008-12-16 08:17:59

The court granted final approval of the class settlement on December 15′th

The lawyers haven’t received it as yet but once they receive the signed documents…it should be public…

Great News !!!! :-)

Comment by A4Owner
2009-01-07 12:02:31

Any more info since the 12/15/08 decision? It’s tough to get a response from anyone on the issue’s website…

Comment by eline
2009-01-13 12:34:45

This is great news for those that had a failure before 12/15/09. It is bad news for the rest of us as VW Audi will no longer have any liability and the dealers will make big bucks replacing belts. My 02 TT w/25,000 was inspected,without my permission while I was in for an alignment, and of course I was told I need to replace it. If the belts are supposed to last until 110k but are failing at 25k something is wrong!

Comment by Vivian
2009-01-14 12:35:20

The timing belt on our 1999 VW Passat broke Sunday, damaging valves, etc. It is in the shop and we have been told it will be $3200 to repair. I had a full service with timing belt inspection at another dealership at 77,145 miles. Will VW cover this?

Comment by iceni
2009-01-16 05:22:40

When is someone going to force a recall or a class action suit for window regulators and computer screen failures? These cars are money pits!!!!!

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-11-05 18:24:05

Funny you should say something about the windows. 2 months before my timing belt broke, I shelled out $560 to replace the rear window regulators. (The windows wouldn’t go up or down, they just stayed.) But even with all of the money I put into “Betsy” (my pet name for the car), I STILL love VW’s. That car was my favorite ever. I am hoping the economy gets better so I can get a new one. With any luck I will get one that won’t brake down at 3 miles!

Comment by BOB
2009-01-20 04:49:45

i also had timing belt go,90,000 miles.vw is lucky that nobody is getting hurt or killed. i have lost alot of convidence in vw. i hope they do the right thing and offer a recall for all there messed up stuff. 1999 vw passat

Comment by Neil
2009-01-21 18:55:59

Anyone have an update on the settlement. It looks like another hearing is being scheduled?

“As a result, the distribution of reimbursement monies to those class members who submitted claims cannot proceed at this time. Both Class Counsel and the attorneys for Volkswagen are working together to address the objector’s concerns. ”

Are we ever going to get reimbursed, I sent everything in and didn’t get anything back so I am assuming I qualified for it.

Comment by Mr. Kelly
2009-02-12 14:30:49

You should call them to confirm they received your package. I received a card verifying they received mine, you should have as well.
I called them before I get it and they were very nice to me, and were able to verify that they received my information and I am in the system.

Comment by GO
2009-01-22 06:52:42

@Neil: That is not the most recent update. The information you had copied is dated back in November, 2008.

Comment by vad005
2009-01-23 13:39:46

From what I heard..the disbursement will begin starting February..

Comment by Ryan
2009-01-28 08:11:11

I am also a member….the class administrator always tells me that there is no news and that everything is posted on website. If anyone can clarify what the status is it would be appreciated.

Comment by Ivan
2009-01-28 09:30:53

I called one of the law offices and the settlement was finalized at the Dec 15, 2008 meeting. Unknown disbursement date. I called a couple of weeks ago.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Sammy Davis Sr.
2009-01-28 20:33:41

Don’t hold your breath. Class action settlements like these are not easily enforced, especially when the liable party (Audi) is offshore. And, as we all know, Audi is not well known for its integrity.

Comment by Rick
2009-01-29 17:42:48

I disagree. I think Audi will pay this time. It has taken them a long time to recover from their past mistakes. If they don’t pay I will never purchase another Audi and will advise anyone and everyone I know to do the same. I’ll take of the Atlanta GA what other cities do we have on here? There must be hundreds if not thousands in the US alone?

Sammy Question. How much did it cost when your timing belt broke, or did it?

Comment by Sammy Davis Sr.
2009-01-30 09:05:01

Rick, I hope you are right. My timing belt slipped 3 years ago at 71K miles. All the valves and lifters were affected. My repair bill was just under $4,000. At that time I called Audi, as did my service manager on my behalf, to see if they would help with the bill, but Audi refused to talk to me. I have since sold the car and purchased a new car - not an Audi. I love Audis and would have bought a new one if it hadn’t been for this experience. I received the class action notice in August, 2008 and forwarded my repair bill to the settlement administrator. I received a prompt response from the admin in the mail, but haven’t heard anything since.

Comment by Thomas
2009-01-30 09:11:12

As of 1/30/09: (from one of the law offices)

“We should have a more definitive answer next week, but the settlement administrator anticipates that checks will be processed in February.”

Comment by Fran
2009-02-02 20:04:44

I called one of the attorney’s offices last week and I was told that checks would be mailed beginning mid February. My 1999 Passat wagon had only 73k miles on it and the entire engine was destroyed. No matter how much money I get, I will never purchase a VW or Audi again. My wife drives a Cabriolet and loves it. She is aware that when it is time to get her a new car, it will not be a VW.

Comment by Alison
2009-02-03 05:52:39

I emailed the attorney 2 weeks ago and was also told checks would be mailed mid February. Our 1999 Passat had 71k miles on it when the timing belt broke going 70mph on a very busy Houston highway, luckily my husband was driving and managed to get the car onto the shoulder. We could not afford the $4700 price quoted by the dealership and had to opt for a local mechanic who repaired it for $2700, we were without the car for about a month though. Within a year, we had another, unrelated bill for $1300 and decided it was time to trade in the $ pit. We had always loved VW’s, needless to say, our love has turned to hate.

Comment by Jen
2009-02-03 10:14:02

I have a 2001 Audi TT. My timing belt broke on it at under 70K miles. I was driving in rush hour traffic on a Friday, and unfortunatley I was on the Ben Franklin Bridge coming into NJ from Philly when it happened. The bridge does not have a shoulder, so I had to quickly put my flashers on and call 911! I have never been so scared as I was while sitting in the middle of that bridge as cars flew by me honking horns and yelling out profanities. Luckily, the policeman arrived within minutes, and he had to push my car to the bottom of the bridge with his car. Just when I thought it wasn’t so bad, I received my quote from the Audi dealer “$6-7,000 for repairs!”

I ended up going to a local dealer, and after paying for two towing charges, 3 weeks of rental car payments, and the $5100 repair, lets just say it was not a good Christmas!

I have submitted all of my receipts to the settlement administrator, so we’ll see what happens!

I have my fingers crossed!

Comment by Chris
2009-02-04 15:20:43

I really hope that these payments get sent out. The Audi I had was a money pit. Needless to say, I will never buy an Audi again. My timing belt snapped at 80,000 miles. I still have the ruined engine(yes I had to replace the whole thing) do anyone want it? Please let everyone know when you receive your check and was it for the full reimbursement.

Comment by vad005
2009-02-06 22:13:47


On December 15, 2008 the court granted final approval of the class settlement.

The settlement administrator anticipates that settlement checks will begin to be mailed in mid-February 2009. If you have specific questions regarding your claim, please contact the settlement administrator directly at 1-877-465-4899 or

Comment by Chris
2009-02-09 07:29:44

I would like some opinions from the blog here. When any of you have called in to the settlement administrator, does it seem like they never have any information as to what is going on? Why do they even have any of these people answering the phones? Is there any specific line you have to tell them to get any additional information? What are your thoughts and experiences?

Comment by LeeAnn
2009-02-09 14:54:31

I bought my 2001 as a dealer demo with low miles so practically brand new. Have loved the car until recently when at 85900 miles the timing belt let go on the highway at 70 MPH. Lucky no one was hurt. But the kicker when I had the oil changed the mechanic pulled up the maintance for it and it said 105,000 miles need to change so I figure another 10,000 I know to think about getting it done. Not expecting anything to happen just like that at low miles and the cost I incurred 4583.56. SO needless to say don’t love the car as much anymore. To bad

Comment by Brian
2009-02-10 14:54:21

Chris, in reponse to your comment in regards to the settlement admin, yes I agree. they alway have the same response,

In fact I have never received a letter to inform me that they have received my paper work, even though sent it Certified mail. I worry that they even have the documents, I was once involved in a class action with a former employer and the correspondence was great, with letters stating updates and action that was needed.

In any case, they have been less then helpful not really iformative. I have some reservastions about them even paying out my claim, I could see that they would use the excuse that they never recieved it. Keeping my fingers crossed and checking the mailbox daily.

Comment by Mr. Kelly
2009-02-12 14:39:42

To those who sent in their claim.
You should have received confirmation via mail that they received your claim. (I did at least)

If you have not, as referred in the previous post you should call the settlement people. My experiences with them were that they were very nice and were able to confirm over the phone that they had me in their system.

I doubt they have any more information than is posted here though. And since it’s a slow process, I don’t blame them for anything. I was suppries they had a website and actual people on the phone to talk too. That’s 2 better than I expected.

My 2¢

Comment by Richard
2009-02-16 19:27:12

Timing belt slipped on my 02 Passat on Saturday. I just got quoted $4,000 from a dealership but haven’t given the go ahead. Just saw this. My car is at 98,000 miles. Any reason why I’m not covered? Am I better served by taking it to the dealer?

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-29 11:20:11

Did you maintenance booklet recommend replacement at 90K? If so, and you took your car in regularly, you might have a maintenance based claim against the repairshop/dealer. (whoever was doing the maintenance on your car) Mine and many others failed at around 70K; you were lucky to have made it so far. A.

Comment by Lou
2009-02-19 11:54:29

Ric did your car have a 1.8 turbo in it? if so you should call the offices. I did not get a confirmation saying i was in the system but i called them and they told me I was. they would not tell me if I qualified or not but I assume I did.

Keep us updated if you receive a check. Thanks.

Comment by Lillian
2009-02-20 14:01:35

Has anyone received thier check yet? I have been checking every other day…

Comment by Lil
2009-02-20 13:58:49

Has anyone received their check? I am checking daily and nothing yet.

Comment by boomer
2009-02-23 17:16:01

2/23/09 Nothing yet. What’s going on ???

Comment by jen
2009-02-24 05:42:52

I called the number posted above in this blog yesterday and taloked to someone from the settlement office. They asked for my last name and confirmed that my information had been received(although I never receievd confirmation of receipt in the mail as posted by someone above). I was told that they had to mail out either our checks or a letter stating that our claim was being disputed by the end of the month (Feb).

Comment by Rick
2009-02-24 15:44:37

FYI. Last week I personally emailed multipe lawyers, settlement administrator, and the company hired to handle the settle which is Rush Consulting. I did my research. I needed a concrete answer from someone when checks would be mailed because I am currently unemployed and need this money to save my condo.

I finally got a response from a Lawyer at PSW&P (see below).

” The settlement checks should be mailed next week. However, in order to validate your specific claim, you will need specific documentation from the repair facility indicating that the engine damage was the result of a timing belt failure. The invoice that you submitted did not indicate the cause of the failure.”

I immediately went to my mechanic and got the requested documents and emailed, faxed and mailed them in. However If I would have never asked I would have never known that my claim was incomplete. I thought the repair invoice with descriptions such as timing belt, head job, Timing belt tensioner, etc. was self explanatory. Do you really think I had my car towed in for a complete engine overall that cost me $4,200.

To make a long story short the lawyers are very helpful. Check your original documents and make sure it clearly states that the damaged was caused by timing belt failure. If not then I would get a letter from your mechanic and send it to the settlement administrator immediately.

I hope our my checks arrive before Friday.

Comment by Donna
2009-02-24 18:03:55

Montgomery , Alabama

My daugters audi a-4 1.8 turbo also broke causing damage to her cylinder heads . dealship said cost would be 4,800 dollars, I found out about the problem with the timing belt problem , I called audi manufacture and got them to pay approximately 2,800 of the repair. So we are awaiting for our reimbursement of 1,900.00.


Comment by Lara
2009-02-26 12:12:06

Has anyone recieved there checks. I’m scared I hope mine doesn’t get denied. I looked at the invoice and it only lists parts and labor. Says nothing about timing belt failure. Unbelievable. I had to fight with the VW dealer just to get a copy of the invoice because my belt failed back in 2004 and I threw away the invoice when I traded it in. I never thought to hold on to it. The VW dealer told me it only holded records for so long and they could’t help me. Untill I caused a big stink about it, they finaly made a copy of the invoice for me. I hope I don’t have to go back and ask them to write a letter for me stating it was timing belt failure. I will never buy a VW again. They suck.

Comment by Rick
2009-02-27 10:23:40

FYI. See statement from PSWP Law website.

On February 27, 2009, the settlement administrator sent settlement checks to those class members who submitted timely and valid claims.

Comment by bonnie
2009-02-28 18:58:00

I recieved my denial letter today. It said ” a review of your submitted documentation indicates that the damage you suffered was directly caused by a water pump and/or tensioner failure and was not a result of a timing belt system failure.” WTF?? I submitted my bill from the dealer, it says “Diagnose Timing belt tensioner has broken, causing timing belt to jump.” I want to know how they can say the damage was caused my the water pump when the mechanic says it was due to the timing belt tensioner breaking. This is very frustrating.

Comment by Donna
2009-03-02 16:21:20

Bonnie ,

If I am not mistaken , audi also had a problem with the water pump. Check with your dealter.

Comment by Shawn Agnini
2009-06-25 09:57:59

I also received the same letter dated 2/27/09 and was totally shocked. Especially since the invoice from my mechanic has “timing belt broken” clearly written on it. I responded back to their denial letter on 3/4/09 by getting a letter from the mechanic stating that the damage I suffered was directly caused by the broken timing belt. My mechanic even told them to call him to discuss.Well guess what…on 6/15/09 I received another letter from them stating that all of my submitted documentation indicates that there is insufficient evidence to support my claim and they want a statement from the mechanic stating that the damage was caused by a broken timing belt. So again, I will be getting another letter from my mechanic and submitting it. Talk about getting the run around!

Comment by Sammy Davis Sr.
2009-02-28 22:08:47


I’m so sorry to hear this. According to the settlement agreement, “defectively designed timing belt tensioners, timing belts and/or associated parts (timing belt system)” are covered. The wording in your denial letter stating that your engine failure was caused by “…and/or tensioner failure…” should fall into that category. I think you should pursue this - perhaps a carefully-worded letter from your service manager/mechanic would be useful.

That said, I’m not surprised by this, unfortunately. Audi has never admitted fault, and only entered into this agreement to avoid a costly trial and associated publicity. And it should be noted that this isn’t the first time Audi has been sued for poorly-designed timing belt systems and failures. I’m afraid Audi and its lawyers never had any intention of satisfying this agreement. (To wit, the 30-day reimbursement deadline they agreed upon passed 45 days ago, and so far no one I know of has received a penny; other terms of this agreement have been violated as well.) Audi now appears to be following the usual legal SOP of denial, delay, and outright disregard.

I’m sorry to be such a pessimist, but the best thing we can do at this point is to tell ourselves, our friends and our family to never buy an Audi or VW again.

Good luck and Best Regards.

Comment by Paul in Pittsburgh
2009-03-02 10:40:39

I received my settlement check today for $5,433.82, the exact amount it cost for my engine replacement in 2003. I said I wouldn’t believe it ’til I saw it! I believe!


Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-06-02 16:09:54

I do believe that you are the only one. Everyone else here in the peanut gallorie are only getting excuses and b.s. I’m starting to get angry. First we get totally duped into getting crap cars, then have to pay boocoo bucks to get them fixed and then we get these letters in the mail saying we can get our money back. False hope and raised blood pressures later we are STILL getting railroaded answers from scripts that talk. I want my money back. SOON! I am sooooo tired of the run-around. Anybody else ready to filed suit against the suers? People of the settlement admins. JUST PAY US FOR CHRISTS’ SAKE!

Comment by Lara
2009-03-02 10:47:57

Congradulations Paul!!! I’m still holding my breath.Nothing in mail today for me.

Comment by John
2009-03-02 13:26:35

Just received my denial letter. This is bogus. I sent in all the required documentation including a signed statement from my mechanic verifying that the engine damage was a result of timing belt failure. Any suggestions on what might convince these people to change their minds?

Comment by John
2009-03-02 15:29:14

I received my denial letter today. Although I believe I submitted proof of all payments, the letter stated I did not submit sufficient proof of out of pocket expense payments…I submitted VW dealer invoice for repair of cylinder head and valves due to timing belt failure, along with signed credit card receipts and the credit card statement supporting the amount charged to the card…all in my name.

Any idea what they will consider sufficient proof of out of pocket expense payments (they listed copy of cashed check, etc…but I paid with my credit card).

Comment by Sammy Davis Sr.
2009-03-02 19:05:25


Sorry to hear this. I too paid my mechanic with a credit card, and I also received a letter today informing me that there is insufficient evidence to support my out of pockets costs claimed. I had assumed that an invoice from my mechanic, indicating “paid in full” and showing the credit card account number, would have been sufficient. According to my letter, a credit card statement is an acceptable document to show out-of-pocket expenses. My incident occurred 3 years ago, so I’ve had to order a copy of this statement from BofA. I have no idea why your credit card statement was not accepted - perhaps a call to the administrator will clarify this. Please keep us posted.

Congratulations to all those who have received their checks!

Comment by Lillian
2009-03-02 15:34:35

I received my check today! I hope everyone else gets the compensation that they deserve. Good luck!

Comment by Chris
2009-03-02 15:35:01

Just received my settlement check today for $3,450. My out of pocket expenses were nearly $20,000, nearly $15,000 just for the entire engine replacement. I don’t understand how the settlement administrator decided on the amount that I received. I am slightly upset with not receiving the full reimbursement but I’m happy I received something. I plan on making some phone calls to determine why I didn’t receive my full amount.

As for the individuals who received denial letters, did you have your engine fixed by Audi or an outside mechanic? I wonder if this is a factor in the settlement. Mine was repaired by both an outside mechanic and Audi themselves.

Comment by Mark
2009-03-02 15:43:00

Have not heard anything yet. Why wouldn’t CC receipt work. You guys are making me nervous. That is how I paid for mine…twice.

Do the denial letters say you can send in info they want.


Comment by Sammy Davis Sr.
2009-03-02 19:34:25


To answer your question: yes, my denial letter states that I have until March 19, 2009 to submit additional documentation in order to have my claim reconsidered.

Good luck.

Comment by Joe
2009-03-02 17:32:20

awesome, got rejected when my claim clearly stated timing belt broke. I guess I’m up for round two. I need to sell this pig of a car. No more German cars in the states for me i guess.

Comment by Joe
2009-03-02 17:34:13

Got rejected today when my report from the mechanic clearly stated timing belt failure. I would advise contacting Audi of America after you send in your second request. Audi is getting very expensive and difficult to deal with lately.

Comment by Tony
2009-03-02 21:14:34

I too got rejected; I did supply all the required information (timing belt failure mention in the invoice, cost incurred, date, name, etc.), with proof of payment (it was in cash), and it even said “paid in full”.

In the letter, they mention that if it was paid in cash, they need proof it was taken out of a bank account…

Some people will have the money available, and won’t need to withdrawal it. In my case, it was borrowed from a relative, who had it on hand.

Not everyone has a bank account to withdrawal money from.

They did mention that 10,000 claims were filed initially! My guess is that round two, will take well over a month to get sorted out, since round one took almost 90 days to receive the denial/check in the mail.

I’m glad this forum is around, I can actually relate to someone in the same shoes as me.

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-26 09:19:58

Get a letter from your relative about the payment set-up, if you can. Maybe that will convince them.

Comment by Bonnie
2009-03-03 06:57:28

It’s like a lottery, its seems totally random who gets paid and who does not. My claim was denied (see my 2/28 post above) even though my invoice clearly stated the engine was due to timing belt tensioner failure. My denial letter said the damage was due to failure of the water pump. I called my mechanic who reviewed the parts list and said the water pump is not even listed as a replaced part. I have asked him to write a letter though he stated he believe the settlement covered snapped timing belts only.
I am curious to hear more about what sort of documentation led to a paid claim. Details please…

I have a 99 Passat. I have enjoyed this car even though it is expensive to repair.

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-26 09:18:22

A letter from the mechanic explaining that the timing belt broke and caused the damage is what they need.

Comment by carl
2009-03-03 07:21:04

I called the Administrator this morning, pretty pissed about also getting an “insufficient evidence” letter. Basically, the bill from the dealer with $3k worth of timing belt and sundry parts isn’t enough evidence - they are looking for some kind of statement from someone that the belt was the cause of the failure. Right, like I can get that now, 4 years later? I’m appealing to their common sense, if any. I think they are trying to weed out those who might have done a preventative maintenance, so don’t be so quick to assume that your credit card statement showing payment to a mechanic is very sufficient.

Comment by Brian
2009-03-03 10:15:12

I received a denial as well, even though it was clearly a case of timing belt failure. I think this is some clever marketing scheme to ensure that I never buy an Audi or VW again. Here was the reason given:
“A review of your submitted documentation indicates that the damage that you suffered was not caused directly by a timing belt system failure. In order to be reimbursed from the Settlement, a Class Member must demonstrate that the timing belt system failed and as a result, the engine and other associated parts were damaged. Standard repairs and periodic replacement of parts are a maintenance expense”

Yeah sure, replacing the entire engine due to the pistons hitting the valves is standard maintenance and not caused by the timing belt. Who is the class action law firm really working for here??

Comment by John
2009-03-15 09:37:51

I also received a similar rejection letter. I think that the folks reviewing these claims are either just sleeping on the jobs or completely unqualified. The Timing Belt “System” encompasses the water pump, and tensioners. It is not just a belt. This is even described in the initial class action lawsuit. There is clearly some under-handedness going on with the Settlement Administrator. Sounds like an outfit that is run by Bernie Madoff.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-26 09:12:48

I think they are wide awake and using a detailed decision tree to deny our claims. We proudly send the documentation we dredged up from years ago, and they proceed to nitpick it to death. I’d love to see what documentation led to a paid claim.

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-26 09:14:42

Maybe a letter from the mechanic clarifying would help you. I share your concern about the class action lawyer. My experience with the associate at the firm was extremely unfavorable; the partner I spoke to was more professional and acted a bit more like he was representing my interest.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-26 09:17:11

My mechanic remembered me, even though I had only been in his city once (when the engine blew and I was stranded roadside) and it was 6 years ago.

He said, I remember that car; I never saw so many valves “wiped out” by a broken timing belt.

So, don’t be surprised if getting a letter isn’t as hard as you might think. GO FOR IT!

Comment by Lara in Massachusetts
2009-03-03 10:07:43

I still have not recieved anything. I called the settlement administrator today to try to find out some information on my claim and they wont give me any. Does anybody know why? I just wanted to know if I needed additional information or if my claim was complete. Why is that so hard to answer over phone. The only thing the girl said is your letter is in the mail. That mean I’m being denied. Boy what a headache.

Carl I’m in the same boat my timing belt went four years ago also. It’s not easy trying to find all the information from 4 years ago.

Comment by Joe in NJ
2009-03-03 12:13:38

i got a letter yesterday saying that all my submitted documents were insufficient for reimbursement! they told me to submit additional documents before March 19th, 2009.

i emailed them asking what else could they possibly need..and all i got was the same info i got in the letter.

what else am i supposed to get? the dealer i had the orig work done is now staffed with new people, they had to go into their archives to get the info (without pricing info)… am i supposed to get them to write me a letter saying it was because of timing belt failure that my engine blew???

i mean - how is anyone supposed to get reimbursed for this?

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-26 09:10:21

To answer your question about the letter, they absolutely expect to have the letter. I think it’s unreasonable, too, and evinces a certain lack of good faith, but the settlement administrator isn’t bending on this.

Comment by Rob
2009-03-03 12:13:56

I repaired my Audi TT at an Audi dealer after the timing belt broke and caused thousands in damage to my engine components at very low mileage.

I paid cash for my repairs. I am still waiting for the check, and I hope it’s not denied. If it is, I will not let it go.

Comment by Jen
2009-03-03 13:57:45

I got the same denial letter with reason being the same as everyone else here, insufficient evidence. The diagnosis from the Audi dealer that I submitted to this settlement said ” customer states car died while driving, had to be towed. cause:timing belt failure.”

I paid over $5,000 for repairs and 3 weeks for a rental car. The customer service person at the settlement administrator said I need a letter stating that the timing belt caused the engine failure. I told her what the invoice/diagnosis said above. She just repeated herself. So I spent the afternoon and went over to the Audi dealer to get a letter. The dealer said what other evidence could they possibly need. They said they don’t even know what more they can say to justify that the cause was timing belt failure as it is clearly written on the invoice. So I called the settlement number again from the dealership, so they could explain exactly what they need. Now I am told noone is available. Of course I never got a return phone call as promised.


I called the attorney’s (see the link below) and told the lady on the phone was I was going through. She took all of my info, and said that one of the attorneys would call me back. That was a few minutes ago, so I’ll update if they give me any advice.

If anyone learns of anything that has worked, please update on this blog.

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-26 09:08:30

they are insisting on letters from the mechanic that will flesh out the invoice and explicitly state that the timing belt failure was the reason for the repairs and the cause of the engine damage. It is ridiculous, in light of the info on the invoices, but that’s what they are not bending on … A

Comment by John
2009-03-03 16:36:32

Update- I called the settlement administrator hotline this morning to determine why my claim was denied due to insufficient proof of out of pocket expenses. Turns out the devil is in the details…the claim is not necessarily denied (although that’s what it said in the letter), only some of the out of pocket expenses I claimed and provided bullet-proof documentation of payment for were, such as night’s stay in hotel (I was stranded far from home at midnight when the belt broke), initial diagnosis of problem the following day, 175 mile tow of my car to the local VW dealer who effected repairs, rental during repairs, all of which are supposed to be covered under the settlement. They told me to send an email to the administrator to find out which of my out of pocket expenses was being challenged…so I did. I got a response within hours stating that:

“I have reviewed your documentation, it appears that all receipts were submitted with your claim form. I will update your record and you will not need to send in any information for proof of payment. If you have further questions please contact us.”

Unfortunately, that’s where the response left off…so I’m left wondering if they’ll pay or find another reason to deny my claim. So as I’m reading this blog, I see the posting from Jen above and decide to contact the offices of PSWPL who was our legal counsel in the class action suit. I had a representative hear my story and said she would follow-up with the administrator on my case to find out if they are now going to pay…very helpful. She also told me they have been getting many inquiries from class action members and are trying to assist wherever they can, so I would recommend contacting them for assistance if you feel you’re getting nowhere or are just frustrated with the administrator’s vague responses and discouraging denial letters that don’t spell things out as they are.

I’ll let you all know if I get anywhere with my claim.

Comment by Mike Goss
2009-03-04 06:29:09

I received a rejection letter based on the Volkswagen/Audi dealership converting total miles on the repair bill to kilometers. The Setttlement Administrator’s Office “assumed” these were miles and denied the claim based on the timing belt should have been inspected prior to 85K miles. I currently only have 81K on the car, a year after the engine was totally replaced. Based on the previous postings on this site, they appear to be denying most claims based on flimsy excuses and hoping people won’t follow through.

Comment by Lara in Massachusetts
2009-03-04 08:55:22

Is there anybody else waiting for letters. I called the administrator again today. She told me ” there is a second round of letters going out” Im so confused why did there web site say letters were going out at the end of Feb. Yesterday they told me my letter was in the mail now today it’s not. WTF

Comment by Mr. Kelly
2009-03-04 13:23:57

No check, or letter yet.

Called yesterday, they got back to me today.

He said my claim hadn’t been processed yet, and it was still in the system. he did know I never actually made the repair, but sold due to not having the money for such a repair. So I know he was in the know….

Just hope I don’t get the rejection letter after the 19th, stating I have to submit what ever by the 19th.

Comment by jason in PA
2009-03-04 16:23:46

I called them today because I have not recieved a letter or a check yet. They told me the payments/letters are all going out over the next 3 weeks. Does anyone know if the checks are all already mailed? They told me they received my claim but don’t know the status and if ALL the checks have been mailed out yet. This goes against what was written on the website about all the checks being mailed out. Anyone?


Comment by Blake
2009-03-04 18:00:39

I’m glad I’m not the only one who hasn’t heard either way. The wait is frustrating and anxiety producing. And it doesn’t seem to help much if you call. agggghhhhh!

Comment by Sammy Davis Sr.
2009-03-04 21:01:05

Blake and others,

Your frustration is understandable and shared by all of us. Evaluating the thousands of claims must be a very tedious and time-consuming process. I am guessing the settlement administrator is currently being flooded with phone calls and e-mail, which can only slow this process. Some patience and understanding might help all of us.

Also, it should be noted that the statement on the administrator’s website announcement states that checks would begin mailing at the end of February. We shouldn’t expect that the process of cutting and mailing thousands of checks and (unfortunately) denial letters can happen in a single day.

That said, the deadline for submitting claims was September 30, 2008, and according to the agreement, the administrator had 60 days to inform us if our claims were being disputed. They did not honor that clause. The administrator has had five months to evaluate these claims, but decided to violate the agreement and wait until now to begin that process.

Though I wish everyone the best of luck, I continue to doubt Audi and the administrator’s good faith and intent to abide by the agreement.

Comment by carl
2009-03-06 07:30:01

Made a followup call to the Administrator today, they of course won’t say who it is but at least I got bumped to a supervisor. My pointed question: What “evidence” will make you happy that the timing belt failure caused the need for repair? Why isn’t it obvious from the repair bill? (We here know the answer, because it might have been the water pump, chuckle chuckle)…

Audi doesn’t put “timing belt failed” on the repair order, for obvious reasons (leads to class action law suits!).

So the bottom line is that I’m going to the Audi dealer to see if any of the new service people will write me a letter saying that “timing belt failure” was the cause. The dealership has changed ownership, and none of the people I dealt with 4 years ago are there anymore. What are my chances of getting such a letter? I’m betting slim to none. The only incentive they have to write me this letter is to help me remove this bad Audi taste from my mouth and maybe sell me another Audi in the future.

I’ll keep you posted, but the bottom line is that the somewhere in official language it needs to say “timing belt failed”, otherwise the Administrator could say it was the tree that fell outside your house, which hit a rock, which crashed through the garage window, etc…

Comment by Amy
2009-03-09 09:54:40

I too received a denial letter. I called and they referred me to the email address. I sent an inquire and within hours was told that the rental car receipt was not in my name and my husband would have to sign the denial letter authorizing me to receive payment. Additionally, the copies of my CC statement that I gave them did not have my name on them becuase I used that portion to pay my bill, even though I included the signed copy of my reciept of payment. I then got new copies from the CC company with the coupon/name listed.

I sent these off last week. We’ll see what happens.

Comment by Amy R
2009-03-09 10:00:50

My Timing Belt Settlement claim was denied too. I am just sitting down to resubmit it today. My tensioner failed in 2003, but luckily I still had my receipts (had to dig through the boxes in the attic to find them). I felt my case was really clear cut and was so surprised the claim was denied. I hope I’ll get a check in the second round. If not I wonder if it might be worth hiring a lawyer?

Comment by don
2009-03-09 18:55:09


Unfortunately, tensioner failure is not covered by this agreement. Only timing belt failure is covered, and your documentation must explicitly state that the the timing belt itself, and not some other component of the timing belt system (like the tensioner), failed.

I hope this helps.


Comment by Paul
2009-03-11 06:18:12


I’m not sure if your statement to Amy is correct. The settlement states time belt system failure including tensioner. See website details:

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Don
2009-03-11 09:27:05


I could be mistaken, but here’s my interpretation: While it’s true the original suit sought to cover damage resulting from the failure of any component in the timing belt system, the compromise reached in the agreement covers only the belt itself. See Section 1.3 of the settlement agreement (emphasis mine):

1.3 “Covered Engine Damage” means damage to the timing belt
system and any other internal engine components (e.g., valve train,
cylinder head, gears, pulleys, engine block, pistons, rings, crankshaft,
camshaft, rods and bearings) caused by timing belt failure in Settlement
Class Vehicles.

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-26 09:02:23

Ostensibly, we have a lawyer in the form of Class Counsel Warshaw and his firm, but since they just parrot some of the ridiculous positions of the Settlement Administrator vis a vis our paperwork and since the Settlement Administrator has been hired by our class counsel, maybe a letter from a lawyer wouldn’t hurt… If you know a lawyer who doesn’t have a conflict of interest vis a vis VW, maybe that person would write a letter for you…

Comment by Jen
2009-03-10 07:51:58

One of the customer service people returned my call. Although my denial letter said the there was insufficient evidence to support that the timing belt caused the $5000 engine damage, they told me that my claim was really denied because they didn’t have my rental car invoice! No where on my letter did it mention anything about this! Obviously they had to find some reason to get out of their obligation because as it turns out, Audi does put a diagnosis on their invoices that say cause of engine failure: timing belt broke, because that is exactly what mine says! Anyway, I was told to send a letter in stating that the rental car company records didn’t go back that far and to use the bank records that I already sent to them. I traded my Audi TT roadster money pit in last night and got a Nissan 350Z roadster! I am so happy to be rid of my Audi and I tell everyone I know about the problems I had the entire time I owned the it!

Comment by Sarah
2009-03-10 21:21:37

Ugh. This has been a nightmare!! My 99 Passat broke down on the freeway in Dec. 2007, had just hit 90000 the day before. I had a “friend” who worked at the VW dealership who agreed to do the work as a side job, so it cost me about half what it would have at the dealership. He freaked out when I asked for documentation in round 1, because he was afraid he’d get in trouble with the dealership for doing a side job. After much haggling, I got an invoice from him. I received the insufficient evidence letter, and talked to the settlement admin people, asking what specifically they needed. They said they needed a written statement from the person who repaired my car saying that the cause of the repairs was because of timing belt failure. My mechanic AND the VW dealership initially told me my timing belt had snapped. BUT… my mechanic (trying to save his a$$) is now saying it was the tensioner coming loose that caused the damage, and that the timing belt stayed intact. The letter from the settlement admin specifically says “failure of timing belt tensioner system” is what is covered in the lawsuit. Here is the letter (hopefully signed by my mechanic!) that I will be submitting this week:

To the Settlement Administrator:

The cause for the repair work that I did on Dec. 26, 2007 for Sarah _______’s 1999 Volkswagon Passat, VIN#_____, was the timing belt tensioner becoming loose. This caused significant internal damage to the engine hood and pistons. The timing belt had to be replaced. All charges listed on Campbell Nelson Volkswagon invoice number ____ (previously submitted) and additional charges listed on the Auto Repair Order (previously submitted) were related to this repair.

I HOPE this will be enough!!!!

Comment by Mr. Kelly
2009-03-11 10:47:45

It actually damaged the hood?


Comment by cmp
2009-03-12 02:24:28

Does anyone know the timing of round two? Will they be sending out new denial letter and/or checks on a certain date or just as they review them?

Comment by Joe R.
2009-03-12 17:17:09

My wife went down to Audi today and got a letter stating.”Upon inspection we found this failure to be caused by a failed timing belt” signed and dated by the service center manager. Also got a letter from the garage that actually replaced the engine. Praying this is enough!

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-03-14 13:49:59

Well I got my denial letter today. Unbelievable!!!

Comment by Tonia
2009-03-16 05:33:24


Comment by Rick
2009-03-16 11:51:24

Anyone found out when the second round of checks will be mailed? On 3/3/09 Mr. Warshaw sent me an email stating he anticipate that the next run of checks will go out in the next two weeks, and will make sure my check and the next batch get processed ASAP.

It would be nice to get my check today! Watching for the mail now. lol.



2009-03-16 15:32:13

I GOT MY DENIAL LETTER ON FRIDAY!!! THIS IS Ridiculous !! But I will keep fighting it till I get my check!!!

Comment by cmp
2009-03-18 07:51:03

Just spoke with Settlement Administrator Customer Service Rep. According to her they are still in the process of sending out checks/denial letters for the first round.

If you received a denial letter and reponded with additional documentation (my letter said I must respond by 3/19) that documentation will not be reviewed or acted on until 4 to 6 weeks AFTER the day it was due. So in my case four to six weeks from March 19.

What a waste of time……

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-03-18 11:14:48

I recieved a denial letter. I have to get a letter from the Volkswagon dealer that did the work on my car because they never put on the invoice that it was timing belt failure. Yesterday I went to the dealer asking for a letter and they won’t give me one. They say because in Massachusetts they only have to keep information for 2 years and it’s a warrenty issue. The woman that I talked to was so rude and had no customer service skills and she said it was a warrenty issue. I don’t think she knew what she was talking about, Warrenty problem Whats That. I tried explaining to her that its a class action law suit with timing belt failure not warrenty issues. Then she told me that the person that I need to talk to is on Vacation and won’t be back untill March 31st. My appeal has to be in by March 31st. I feel like standing in front of the Volkswagon Dealer with a big sign “DON’T EVER BUY ONE OF THESE LEMONS”. This is not easy, they are making me work for my money. Its funny, they take our money so fast. But it’s different giving it back.

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-26 08:52:55

I have had a similar problem. Email the claims administrator by going on the Website and explain to them your problem in getting info from the appropriate person by their ridiculous deadline, given that the person has been on vacation. You might want to resend your stuff by the deadline with a letter explaining that you are in the process of getting more specific information. GOOD LUCK!!

Comment by Allen
2009-03-19 14:30:38

I originally was denied because they said my water pump failed first (can’t be proven either way), but my repair order specifically said “water pump failure” on it, so I though I was pretty much SOL. But, I just received a letter today stating that my claim was being re-evaluated. Is anyone else seeing these letters?

Comment by Jennifer
2009-03-19 16:59:31

I just remembered that it’s been awhile since I even thought about it. So I’m glad I looked at this site. I have received nothing since the green card stating that they received my claim. I’m hoping and praying that I get something…soon. This was a nightmare three years ago. I cried and cried. I’m still paying for it as I had to use a credit card to get the repair. I was soooo angry! The dealer was not helpful, either. They were actually driving it when it broke.

Comment by Bonnie
2009-03-20 11:31:58

I also received a letter stating that initial denial is being reevaluated. My denial was based on their claim that my waterpump failed where my invoice stated my timing belt tensioner failed. There was no mention of a waterpump or even one listed in the parts replaced.
I am worried about the change in the language of the settlement documents. Originally they stated that timing belt system failure was covered. Now final documents say timing belt failure is covered. I wonder how this change can happen without class members being given the opportunity to object. This is a significant change. A search of VW service bulletins will show that the original parts kits were switched out because the original tensioners we frequently failing.

Comment by Lucille
2009-05-20 10:57:23

I am going through all of the class action information right now. Guess what happened to my 99 Passat yesterday!

From the current website language on what is supposed to be covered:
VW will provide free repair of damage to the timing belt system and associated engine damage related to a timing belt system failure, at any authorized VW dealership, starting August 11, 2008 through 105,000 miles, provided the Settlement Class Vehicle has been maintained in conformance with the Revised Maintenance Schedule. It will be necessary to provide documentation for establishing compliance with the Revised Maintenance Schedule such as, repair orders or evidence of payment.

According to this they are still covering timing belt system failure not timing belt only.

The dealer checked our timing belt when we had the engine sludge issue fixed but I have to go get copies of the repair notes to prove they checked the timing belt or I am SOL. I purposely didn’t bring it in for the inspection because they did it while it was in.

Comment by Alison
2009-03-21 13:54:03

I too received my denial letter for “insufficient evidence”. Originally the car was towed to VW for repair with a diagnosis of timing belt failure at a cost of $4700- we opted to get it fixed elsewhere. However, they should still have documentation since they diagnosed and gave a quote…..i’m still waiting for a callback. In the meantime the shop that repaired our passat has given us what we think we need and it has been mailed to the Settlement Administrators. I’ve been told that it’ll take 4-6 weeks for review and if we are denied again, we’ll still have another shot by a mediator. Hang in there everyone!

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-29 11:10:57

You should not have to go to a mediator. Ridiculous! Best of luck, A.

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-23 07:27:21

Charles Grassley (Iowa Senator) introduced the Class Action Fairness Act of 2005. Given this crusader’s interest in class actions, which traditionally chiefly benefit lawywers, I would suggest contacting one of his offices and/or sending him an e:mail about our collective experience with this Settlement Administrator.

The stringent proof standard is very hard for most of us to meet, either in terms of the proving that the engine damage was caused by the timing belt failure or that we had out of pocket expenses. Even when the inference is very clear from the invoices we have submitted to the Claims Administrator.


Comment by Donna
2009-03-26 16:47:53

I recieved my denial letter also. I went to the audi dealership and had them write me a letter. It states that the timing belt jumped and caused damage to the cylinder head and pistons, is this considered timing belt failure or am I fighting a losing battle ? Can someone advise me please.

Thanks Donna

Comment by Mike
2009-03-27 06:56:34

I wouldn’t let them off the hook. Their methodology seems to be to deny your initial claim for very flimsy reasons hoping that a majority of claimants will give up and not follow through, thereby limiting their damages. Despite a Volkswagen dealership service bill explicitly stating the damage to the engine was caused by the timing belt break, my claim was denied by the settlement administrator. The reason? The dashboard instrument panel had converted mileage to kilometers (another Audi recall problem) which the service technician had reflected on the bill. The denial was based on excessive mileage before the timing belt break. I have now submitted another letter from the Volkswagen dealer stating miles were converted to kilometers on the billing, and will have to wait another six to eight weeks for their second reply. They can play the waiting game only so long.

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-29 11:12:20

Absolutely, MIke. Hang tough! A.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by John
2009-03-30 10:27:26

I thought the coverage applied to all timing belt failures, regardless of mileage, even past the 105,000 mile point. Does anyone know for sure?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by doinnna
2009-06-20 15:35:31

I received a denial letter, told I needed more information , called the attorneys , she emailed the settelment admistration, recieved email from them stating I no longer needed to send need information due to the new regulations of information had been enough, and that we had been aproved, recieved check on June 15th, speed to the bank got a ticket , just kidding …

Comment by Dirk Hochhuth
2009-03-28 04:54:07

My claim was denied on March 11, 2009 due to “insufficient evidence, despite me sending in ALL required documentation, including copies of repair bill, cancelled checks and credit card statements. I am concinced that the denial is part of the settlement’s plan to pay as few people as possible, thus minimizing the cost for VW of America.

Comment by Amy Ardington
2009-03-29 11:13:49

Have you asked, specifically, why your proof, which sounds adequate, was deemend insufficient. Chances are, the deficiency can be remedied, even though you should not have to do this. Hang tough! A.

Comment by Eric Dochinger
2009-04-18 03:53:56

I still have NOT received the denial letter. I got the green card back in Sept and that is all since then. I guess I need to call. Anybody else had this problem?
Thank You

Comment by Mike
2009-04-21 06:54:22

I submitted further documentation after receiving my denial letter. After not hearing anything back, I called the settlement office, confirmed they had received my additional documentation, and that responses would be going out “the second or third week of April.” They are not too specific or prompt.

Comment by Amy A.
2009-04-23 04:03:23

Did you mail in all your stuff to them? Was it voluminous?

Comment by Mike
2009-04-24 10:34:23

No, the first set was about 6/7 pages. The second set was just a letter from the Volkswagen service department and copies of two previous service bills from the same service department. Not sure what’s taking them so long to make a decision.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Joe R
2009-04-21 11:46:24

Also submitted additional docs to the administrator. I dont understand what the settlement administrator phone line is for. Every time I have ever called they are extremely vague. They use the words “maybe” “soon” and “could be” but wouldnt be specific about ANYTHING.

Comment by Denise
2009-04-27 08:30:24

Just got off the phone with the hotline. They are reading from a script obviously. Each time I call it it the same thing. The administrator is still reviewing claims and it is taking longer than expected. When I asked how much longer I was told they didn’t have a time frame, could be another 4 or so weeks. Yeah. How much are they making in interest? Do we get any of that? This is B.S. I am seriously considering contacting the courts. The Settlement admin has repeatedly shown bad faith in complying with the courts orders. As of 4/29/09 it will have been 6 weeks since I sent in everything asked of me. I have been reading posts and noticed that several people have gotten a 1st round denial and after sending in the requested info gotten a 2nd round denial for something different. Shouldn’t everything they needed been requested in the first round? I think they are just doing whatever it takes not to pay. Anyone else having the same thoughts? I will start contacting the courts after the beginning of May. This is ridiculous.

Comment by Mike
2009-04-29 07:31:01

I am with you about contacting the courts. Either the evidence submitted supports the claim or it doesn’t. There is no reason to procrastinate further on a cedision. Do you have contact information for the court to post on this web site so we can begin exerting some political pressure?

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Mike
2009-04-29 07:32:34

Should read “decision” in the last post.

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-06-02 17:48:02

Yes I will verify correct numbers, emails and address in a.m. Sorry I haven’t read this post till now. Been fuming. Smoke out of my head and all. (haha) Sorry, finding humor where possible since settlement admins are driving me bananas. Hearing the SAME SCRIPTS day after day is so… You get the idea. I would appreciate an original response at least once. More over I want my refund.

Comment by John
2009-04-29 08:55:34

Have been calling weekly for updates and was told yesterday, “we don’t know when it will be; could be another 4-6 weeks”. 4-6 weeks, apparently, is the standard line I keep getting…. this is ridiculous.
The problem is that, given the history with this, the administrator will no doubt say in 4-6 weeks, “could be another 4-6 weeks”.
I agree. Political pressure is necessary here…

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-04-30 11:40:11

Hi my fellow upset people. I emailed the settlement administrator about my claim and the wrote back saying that my claim was validated and that the next set of checks were going out at the end of May.

Comment by Alison
2009-04-30 15:46:24

I emailed the attorneys today and was answered rather quickly. He assured me that the Settlement Administrator has no financial gain by slowing the payment of claims and that the next round of checks was set to go out on May 15th. In addition, he was able to confirm that our claim was approved. We’re hopeful. Good luck everyone.

Comment by vad005
2009-05-04 12:17:18

This is response i received when i emailed them regarding status of my claim….

Your claim is being reviewed. Due to the complexity of the claims received, the review of claims has taken longer than anticipated. The Settlement Administrator is working with counsel to review claims and notify Class Members about the status of their claims as quickly as possible.

Comment by Amy
2009-05-07 11:57:21

I called today and was told my claim was approved and checks will go out at the end of May. They couldn’t tell me how much money was approved.

Comment by Amy A.
2009-05-16 17:49:24

That is really good to hear! I hope I am another Amy who will get paid!!

Comment by carl
2009-05-14 05:08:29

1… Originally denied,
2… Appealed, with a new letter from the service mgr at the dealer four years ago — I was lucky to be able to track him down. He was happy to sign the letter I had drafted supporting my claim.
3… I finally got through this week at Settlement to someone who said I’ve been approved and next round of checks are to be mailed at the end of the month.
4… I’ll believe it when I see it.

Key to my appeal would appear to be the letter from the service manager who was at the dealership back then. Luckily, he was easy enough to locate even though we hadn’t spoken since he left that dealership and moved to another. The new owners of the dealership (Herb Chambers Audi, Burlington MA) never returned my calls when I left messages for a peek at my service records (circling the wagons for Audi I guess). I expected as much. Since I had already located my “good guy”, I didn’t bother going to the dealer to make them an awkward scene, but it would have been fun. Safe to say that I don’t have my service done at Herb’s place anymore.

Comment by Amy A.
2009-05-16 17:51:07

Thank goodness for these good guys who remember us and our totally messed up engines. My guy said he’d never seen so many valves so wiped out. I hope you get your check, and I hope I get one, too. Amy

Comment by Nicole
2009-05-16 18:15:29

Just stumbled on this thread this evening. Although I feel bad that pretty much everyone has been denied it is also comforting to know I am not the only one. I have a 03 A4, timing belt broke on my way back from vacation last year, which was a nightmare. Over 5 grand in repairs just like everyone else. It is ridiculous how many hoops they are making us jump through to get our money back. best of luck to everyone!

Comment by vw owner
2009-05-18 08:48:09

hey guess what I checked the mail today and was surprised to see no check come in yet… What is taking so long…

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-05-19 13:45:35

Has anyone recieved a check yet?

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-06-02 16:11:23


Comment by vw owner
2009-05-19 14:15:18

I have not received it yet. It would be nice to receive it before the holiday.. Come on VW cough it up you owe us.

Comment by flexinator
2009-05-21 07:15:20

Another day has passed and no check in the mail.. I don’t think it will ever come.

Comment by vad005
2009-05-22 07:22:05

Just got off the phone with the settlement administrator

No straight answers…they are still reviewing claims..they said they received over 10,000 its a bit complex round of correspondence/mails will go out end of may….they didnt confirm whether or not my claim was approved…but i am getting a feeling that its all for a lost cause now….

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-05-22 07:51:00

They are absolutely screwing us! They continue to give us the vague-political sounding answers I have ever heard. ANOTHER 4-6 weeks. What are they re-reading the scripts from February? (ha) I would like to know if we are going to receive any interest on our payments. After all, the money has been sitting in an account for HOW MANY MONTHS? I am so over the same cardboard answers from the same cardboard phone reps about what should be a simple job. I read the court orders that were signed by the judge and from what I can understand the settlement admin are beginning to ask for things like personal statements from the mechanic that did the repairs. Does anyone know what the turnover of mechanics is at these shops? They are requesting non-required information and why? As a hope of deferring their job until we re-sue? I would like to be able to get a honest answer and maybe a detailed one. If my claim has been denied again, I should have the right to know now so that I might be able to begin gathering the information now and not as a mad dash because they sent a notice out with only a week for the claimant to return requested info. Anyone other than me ready to send letters to the judge? Maybe filing a complaint with the courts and/or other federal agencies might light a fire under the butts of the settlement admins.

Comment by vw owner
2009-05-26 14:39:14


Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-05-27 07:36:34

Thats funny…..

Comment by Don
2009-05-27 07:25:36

Last week I sent an e-mail to the adminstrator to inquire about the status of my claim. I received the following response this morning:

“Your claim has been validated. We anticipate the next distribution will be some time within the next 2 weeks.”

My claim had been denied back in February due to insufficient evidence to support out-of-pocket expenses. I re-submitted my claim and included a copy of the credit card statement and a letter from the service manager at the facility that did the repair indicating that the damage had been the direct result of timing belt failure.

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-05-27 07:35:15

I thought we were getting our checks at the end of May, now it’s in two weeks. This is crazy. How come we can’t get straight answers from anyone at the Settlement Administrators. Seems like they have been saying anything and everything under the sun to delay our checks. We all have been waiting very patiently since Feb. What can we do?

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-06-02 16:13:04

Actually, I’ve been waiting since NOVEMBER. That is when we were supposed to get the checks. Been patient. Now will be squeeky wheel.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by vw owner
2009-05-27 08:48:37

the mail came today, no check. I am getting to know my mail man better though.

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-06-01 09:22:45

No check today…..Big suprise!!!!

Comment by vw owner
2009-06-02 06:10:13

have the checks mailed out yet?

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-06-02 06:44:41

I emailed the Law office handling the case and they said “I am sorry to report that there was a slight delay. The checks will go
out in the first half of June”.

Comment by Markos
2009-06-02 08:33:02

Oh my God… This is insanity.

I called as well, and they told me the same thing (I have already been approved)- they said I may have to resubmit documentation, since they LOST some!

I don’t know what to do.. I was told I was approved, and now they claim they’ve had issues switching class action handlers; and in the process losing information.

My friend says the same thing, he was told his check would go out during the end of May, and now it’s back to resubmitting- only to receive it possibly by mid-June

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-06-02 09:12:03

OMG!!!! I was told that my claim was approved in May and that checks were going out at the end of May. I just talked to a supervisor from the settlement administrators office and she said they need more documentation also. What the hell is going on. I’m getting really pissed but I don’t know what to do either.

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-06-02 16:16:41

Let’s write the judge. It was spelled out perfectly. A time was set to have checks mailed. The settlement admin didn’t live up to their end. I am writing everyone involved on Monday the 8th if I don’t get some solid answers, not those scirpted ones I keep getting from the “hotline”. I will continue to bombard everyone involved everyweek with email and snail mail until I get what I am due. It is pathetic we have to ultimatly BEG to get our money. I will NEVER buy VW again. And to think I LOVED that car.

Comment by Mike
2009-06-02 12:59:00

It would seem that the attorney(s) who handled the case has an ethical duty to advocate for the clients in the class action settlement. If someone has contact information for the attorney’s office, I would think that is where we should be calling rather than the Settlement Office which doesn’t seem to keep their story straight from one day to the next.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by vad005
2009-06-02 09:07:20

They won’t even tell me if I am approved or not..this is frustrating

Comment by vw owner
2009-06-03 14:17:38

I heard next round will go out on June 12 due to Funding needed for the checks.

Comment by Jay Sheppard
2009-06-03 15:48:05

Who did you hear this from exactly? Is this for the people who submitted additional documentation in support of their original denial?

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-06-03 17:21:25

I emailed the Lawyers again and he said that “Im finally approved and my check will go out in July”.LOL First it was Feb then March then April then June and now’s it’s July. It will be almost a year in October when I recieved the first letter from the Settlement Administrator.

Comment by Don
2009-06-03 19:41:27

July? Did they say which year?

Comment by Amy
2009-06-04 13:14:56

I emailed the administrator because I hadn’t seen my check yet. In early May they told me I had been approved and the check would go out at the end of May.

The response today said:

“Your claim has been validated and your check will be mailed within the next 2 weeks.”

Let’s hope it happens this time.

Comment by vw owner
2009-06-04 17:48:37

if you can’t get a answer email this lawyer.

make his job harder…lol

Comment by vw owner
2009-06-05 06:56:43

why don’t you guys stop crying and contact the judge if needed. I have read these post but no one wants to do anything about it.

Comment by Mike
2009-06-05 08:36:56

I E mailed the attorney and received an immediate response on amount that has been approved, certainly less than the total bill. The judge won’t respond; I work for a court system, and believe me, any E mails to the judge will be deflected to the settlement administrator.

Comment by Karen
2009-06-09 12:01:06

Can you please tell me what is the Attorney email or phone # ? Thanks

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by John
2009-06-10 06:09:12

has anyone received their checks yet that were supposed to be mailed mid-June?

Comment by Brian
2009-06-10 10:27:13

I have not received a check and was told they were going out this week, but I am sure they will milk it all the way to till Friday.

Comment by Alison
2009-06-11 03:56:31

No check yet! On April 30th the attorney’s office advised that my claim had been approved and the check would be mailed by May 15th. Next, I was told that it would be sent by the end of May. My last email to the settlement administrators on 6/3 demanding to know when my check would be mailed, has gone unanswered. I’m sure there are funding issues….the issue is, they don’t want to pay these claims!!!!!!!

Comment by John
2009-06-11 07:31:08

ok - just spoke to administrator. Was informed that ‘Volkswagon’ is in the process of reviewing the approved claims. When asked if that meant they would deny a claim that had already been approved was told in response, ‘only if it was drastic’….so….? How can it be that the settlement administrator would approve a claim only to then deny it? She did say that checks should go out by mid-end of next week, but we have all heard that one too many times by now. If anyone has any other information or gets a check, please post so that we can share this information.

Comment by Liz
2009-06-11 15:49:09

I was denied the first time around and have been told that I was approved on the second round. I have also been told that I could be approved up to 100% of my claim. The “up to” scares me. When I originally brought my car in Audi paid 40% of my bill because I pursued this complaint with my Audi shop being that I followed all the warranty and manual guidelines, and my timing belt failed at ~ 85,000, and I always had my regularly scheduled maintenance at an Audi dealership. I will let you know if I get my check next week. I did not submit for towing etc. (which I had) and will re-submit my claim if not fully satisfied with the amount of payment. Good luck to all of you…

p.s. Still love the car; it runs like a “top”.

Comment by vw owner
2009-06-12 14:49:10

I got an email today stating my check had been mailed today.lets hope and pray it does not get lost in the

Comment by Don
2009-06-12 16:58:54

I received a check for the full amount of my repair bill (just under $4,000) today.

Comment by Amy
2009-06-12 17:15:47

I check came today!!! I was reimbursed the full amount! Mechanic, Rental Car and Towing!

Comment by Liz
2009-06-13 06:05:10

Mailman came and I got a letter from the Settlement Administrator. I felt like Charlie Bucket opening my chocolate bar to see if I got the Golden Ticket. Check in the full amount…running (not walking) to the bank.

Comment by bonnie
2009-06-13 10:49:28

I received my check today! Finally!! I received the full reimbursement for costs incurred due to engine damage cause by the timing belt tensioner failure, and towing. I am lovin my passat just a little bit more today. Best wishes to all. I have appreciated this forum for discussion of this settlement.

Comment by carl
2009-06-13 14:12:29

I also got my check today, just under 10 months from day one. Full amount, although I never claimed ancillary costs like replacement vehicle or towing.
Cashing this bugger immediately, I still don’t trust the settlement administrator.

And no thanks to Herb Chambers Audi in Burlington, MA who did diddly squat to help me out. Key to success: Tracking down the service manager who used to work there 5 years ago, and then putting a letter in front of him that said “TIMING BELT FAILURE”, and he was gracious enough to sign the letter as the piece of additional evidence that was missing in the original filing. If you’re in Metrowest MA and want a conscientious service manager for your Audi, ask for Anthony at Bernardi and tell him that Carl sent you.

Good luck to anyone still waiting.

Comment by carl
2009-06-13 14:14:40

…and btw, when I called mid-May, I was told I was approved and that checks were going out end of May. When I called again on June 11, it had just been mailed. So if you were told end of May, I would call again and I’ll bet your check magically makes the next mail pickup.

Comment by Amy in Texas
2009-06-15 14:26:46

I am happy for you, Carl, and for all of us getting checks. Mine arrived today, and like you, I wasn’t reimbursed for ancillary costs, which was arguably unfair, but overall I am happy. I will be happier still when everyone situated similarly is reimbursed, like Lara in Mass.

I am going to put those folks in my prayers. My husband and I happen to be litigators and we know how to get ugly, but resorting to such a tough approach shouldn’t be necessary.

VW and Audi know what was wrong with these cars. Why the extra hoops? We weren’t the ones perpetrating a fraud…

God bless and best of luck to all unpaid bloggers. Amy in Texas

Comment by vw owner
2009-06-13 20:53:20

I also received my check today. Will be trading this car in for a Toyota or Honda on Monday… Thanks VW.

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-06-14 16:55:37

I still did not get a check. I called on Friday and the settlement administrator said I would get mine in July. I hate those people.

Comment by Amy in Texas
2009-06-15 14:28:22

Lara, I got my check today, and I very much hope you get yours when promised. I don’t think they counted on so many of us hanging so tough. Keep the faith! Amy

Comment by John in WI
2009-06-15 15:55:21

Finally, the check arrived today. Thanks to all you posters for helping me have hope throughout this ordeal. I bet some days I checked here half a dozen times, just out of frustration. Good luck to all who are still waiting.

Comment by Amy in Texas
2009-06-15 17:40:17

It was wonderful having this forum in which to vent our frustrations and share our amazingly similar stories. I am still trying to picture the kind of proof that got folks paid on the first go-round.

I mentioned and the extreme discontent being expressed thereon to the Settlement Administrator… I bet they took a peek at the site. Maybe, collectively, all of our grieving worked because the folks may have realized we wouldn’t have stopped here.

I am going to say prayers and think positive thoughts for all the deserving folks still without their checks.

Comment by Joe
2009-06-18 13:50:03

Lol they sent me 1 more piece of paper relieving them of all claims before sending me a check.

Who had the biggest settlement?

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-06-19 21:41:24

Still have yet to get my check. I haven’t gotten a denial letter. One “customer rep” told me on Monday that I needed to sign a piece of paper swearing that I paid for the car repairs. I thought the repair bill, 3 signed, notarized and witnessed letters of payment and receipt of the car were proof enough that I paid to fix the car. Hey, whatever will get me my money I’ll sign. Called today and an OBVIOUSLY new “rep” blubbered her way through the script (GOD, I hate those things!) and told me that all correspond was going to be finished mailing by the end of June. For Christs sake people how hard is it to look on the list of requirred docs (3 or 4) and check them off for each claimant! A blind, deaf, dumb money with 2 fingers could do a quicker job. I asked the new rep if the monies were being held in an interest bearing account, if claimants would be given additional monies if so, how many people were actually working on the claims and about 34 other questions that weren’t on the script and poor thing couldn’t utter a single word outside that script. I know that might not be polite but I’ve worked at customer service and I know the buttons to push and at this point, I want SOMETHING from these people even if it is just sweat. Congrats to all who FINALLY got their money. I am so jealous. Here is hoping that all claimants will have their checks by the end of the year. (newbie reps words, not mine.)

Comment by Shawn
2009-06-25 10:59:08

I received another denial letter on 6/15/09 from Settlement Administrator. They are asking for a statement from my mechanic. I already provided a letter to them from my mechanic back in March 2009 stating that the timing belt alone caused the engine’s failure and for them to call him if they need any further info. I guess at this point I will go again and get another letter from mechanic stating the same thing. I’m now going into round 3!

Comment by John in Boston
2009-06-20 06:42:35

Well…I have to say in the back of my mind I had faith all along that I would one day get my money. I knew I had solid evidence for my claim, and I just had to wait my turn. That day has arrived…finally I got my check. Paid in full to the penny for repairs, OOP expenses such as towing, hotel, and, car rental…over $4,500! Check got here on June 15th…and I quickly deposited it on June 16th.

I sympathize with everybody’s frustration…just be patient.

Comment by jack
2009-06-22 19:33:50

try looking through 59+ pages of documents for validation

Comment by Nicole Lehman
2009-06-24 09:43:57

I own a 2001 Audi A6. The end of Jan 2009 I was driving home and my car froze on the street. two thousand dollars later, 3 towing and a new timing belt my car still does not work, due to my timing belt exploding causing 5k in damage. I know there was a class Action suit filed for 2001 A4, just wondering if any one know if anything is being done about the rest of the Audi’s? I am currently working with a lawyer and trying to see what can be done, if anyone is in the same situation with A6 let me know. . .

Comment by Erlend
2009-08-05 18:00:00

I have a 2001 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8T. Timing belt went out at just over 75 000 miles. It has the same engine as the cars that were part of the class action. I am sure there must be a lot of other Jettas and Beetles in the same situation also

Comment by Gagan
2009-12-29 22:37:59


I have a 2002 Audi A6 and today timing belt on my Audi broke and I was stranded in the middle of the highway.

Were you able to find any leads or any info that could help me, since my dealer is saying that it will cost around 4k to 6k to fix my car

Comment by Shawn
2009-06-25 10:41:17

Received a letter 6/15/09 from Settlement Administrator asking me to provide a statement from mechanic. I already had done this back in March 2009. The mechanic even told them to call him. I guess that I will go ahead and get another one and go into round 3. Apparently, they didn’t pay attention to the first letter from the mechanic that I sent in!

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-07-03 09:55:05

Does anyone know when the July checks are going out? Happy 4th of July.

Comment by vad005
2009-07-20 12:47:57

this is the reply i received from the settlement administrator today

The next distribution is anticipated to go out the second week of August.
Thank you,
Settlement Administrator

Comment by Chris Everrett
2009-08-12 10:42:49

Theyre not. They lied again!

Comment by John
2009-07-09 13:42:24

I will also say that I received my check for the full amount that I submitted, including my tow. The trick is to document absolutely everything, and the letter from the mechanic. I even notarized all of my documentation. Good luck to everyone.

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-07-15 16:13:29

John I did the same as you. I still have not recieved my check.

Comment by Mike from AZ
2009-07-19 16:52:17

After three submissions and months and months of waiting, I received my check yesterday. After all that, the post office delivered it to my neighbor’s mail box. Good thing my neighbor is honest, or I’d still be waiting. The settlement administrator denied about $500 that they allege was not needed to replace the engine. The work was completed at a VW dealer, and the service manager never asked me if I wanted the “non-related to the engine” work completed.

Anyway, I now have the amount I spent on a new engine reimbursed; now I can fix the Audi transmission which is going out! Good luck to everyone else, and thanks for sharing your thoughts on this website. It made the frustration easier to deal with.

Comment by Carly
2009-08-08 11:04:39

Just saw this on this site:

When my timing belt broke, it sounded like some of these cars dying!

Comment by Chris Everrett
2009-08-12 10:41:39

Call the attorneys that represented us and complain. I’m so frustrated with hearing next month you will receive your check! The phone number for attorney is Clifford Pearson (818) 788-8300. We deserve to be respected!

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-08-17 07:35:56

When you called the Attorneys office. What explaination did he give you for the delay. I agree I’m sick of hearing next month you will recieve your check. I’m so fed up.

Comment by Lara from Massachusetts
2009-08-17 11:55:23

Hi all. After thinking to myself today forget about this money its never coming. I went out to mailbox and found my check to my amazement. I was in shock.LOL I hope everybody else get’s there checks today.

Comment by Mr. Kelly
2009-09-05 19:16:53

Sent in my information 8-7-08
Got my insuficient information letter today over 1 year later.

Gotta love it.

Comment by 2000a4help
2009-09-22 11:22:47

So my timing belt on my 2000 A4 1.8 broke on the freeway. It has a little over 102,000 miles on it. Am I covered? When I called 1-877-465-4899 they told me to take it to the nearest audi dealer and they would fix it and cover the cost. Is this true?

Comment by Mr. Kelly
2009-10-02 17:57:46

I was under the impression that the time frame for Audi paying for the repairs is long gone? Don’t know for sure.

Comment by Becca
2009-10-07 23:35:04

I turned in my claim and all attached paper work over a year ago, and STILL nothing. I hate seeing that all these people have gotten their checks. Has anyone gotten a reimbursement PAST 9.30.09? I’m still waiting!!

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-10-08 10:18:27

Well, I just got off of the phone with the hotline and was told that my claim was approved, but still had yet to be o.k.’d by VW. ??????? The process is that once the Settlement Admin reviews the claims an they FINALLY approve it, it then gets sent to the VW Reps for review and THEY have to approve it themselves. Once this is done it goes BACK to the Settlement Admin where they wait for the VW Reps to deposit that amount of money into the account. After the money is deposited by VW then the Settlement Admin can send out the reimbursement checks. They do this process every 2 months or so. Wouldn’t it just be easier for all involved if once a file was in someones hands it was handled one way or another? Instead of passing it around to 32 different people/departments and still no checks being sent out. I have been speaking to a rep, Shirley, at the Settlement Admin and she actually has made an effort to track down my claim.

Comment by KyCHargerFan
2009-10-26 07:04:35

I was told there was a conference call with the settlement admin and VW on 10/23/09. I have sent all my inquires via email as I wanted a paper trail of my interactions regarding this.I am waiting on a reply to my latest inquiry

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-11-05 18:11:08

I sent an e-mail inquiry 3 days ago, the next day I got a response from the Settlement Admins and they verified that my reimbursment would be sent out the following mailing. Which will be in mid-December. Hopefully this is finally the end, as Santa REALLY needs the help this year. Anyway, I have been waiting for over a year and I have already spent the money on Christmas. If it doesn’t come in time then I have a bunch of kids that will be wondering why Santa forgot them. I hate to have to count on this at this time of year, but with jobs at a premium and mine is consumer based, I am stuck. Hopefully all will end will by mid-December and I will FINALLY sign off with a happy face emoticon! Wish me luck boys and girls. Dee

Comment by Jennifer
2009-11-10 07:34:51

Well, don’t hold your breath waiting for the check. I was told last week that mine was mailed October 15. It is now November 10, and I have not received it. Time to call back, I guess, and probably have to have it re-issued.

Comment by Sonya Hall
2009-11-10 12:54:25

Geese, I was told all of these things too. I’m really getting frustrated. I didn’t really want to wait until mid-December! After sending in every possible piece of information since this whole thing first started, including the invoice, proof of mt CC receipts, letter from the mechanic, everything under the sun….they keep telling me the same thing! Checks go out every six to eight weeks. My case was validated and approved, then they told me the same thing as they told Denise! That they approved it, but were waiting on the funds from VW to come before they could send the check. The hotline said that I would for sure get my check by end of October at the latest, then Novemeber 5th, I called asking where it was and the lady said, you will get it by end of October, I said ‘Hello, it is November!’ She said, oh, it is, well checks will be sent out every six to eight weeks. Geese! I am still checking the mailbox every day, and will keep everyone posted.

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-11-23 09:50:58

Well. After several “You were O.K.’d” conversations and an e-mail from the settlement admin confirming the reimbursements would be sent out in mid-december I JUST got off of the phone and was told that mid-december was off. I sent an e-mail to the settlement admin and was responded with this: “Because it took VW about 6 weeks long then expected to fund the last distribution, the next distribution has been pushed back. We’re looking at early January now.” Great. I REALLY need the money now. I have kids and a grandbaby that I need to get Christmas for. This is B.S.! Whose fault is it that VW screwed up? Not ours. At this time of year we really need the money. We are told one thing, we take them at their word and we get screwed. VW should take the heat and double time the would-be-December checks. If this is how VW treats it’s customers then no matter how much I LOVE VW, I will NEVER buy VW again. For all of the October distribution people, when did you actually get your checks?

Comment by Denise
2010-01-21 19:08:31

Sonya & Jennifer, Did either one of you ever get your checks?

Comment by Mr. Kelly
2009-12-07 07:20:08

I will definatly never buy VW or Audi again.
And will absolutly tell everyone who will listen about their business practices.
Check or no check.
I wonder if a class action suite would have to be filed to get them to pay the funds they were supposed to pay under a class action suite?

Comment by Denise Bosanko
2009-12-11 08:11:57

When was the last check recieved? Has ANYONE gotten a check since August? The website still says mid-Dec. The toll free line now says FEBRUARY! I looked at the settlement papers and we were supposed to be reimbursed no later than 60 days after reciept an approval of our claim. I don’t know about you other guys out there, but I know I’ve been waiting since November of 2008! I really think that VW just wants the final funds in their accounts at the end of December to show a bigger profit.
*Guys at VW, do what Enron did, fake your papers.*

Comment by john
2010-01-19 16:31:41

My 2001 audi tt just went over the 85k mile mark and the timing went out. I just bought the car from a non audi dealor am I still covered. I don’t have and maintance records on this car. Should I take it to the Audi dealor and have them fix it. Will I be reimbursed? Someone please give me some info. I was totally unaware of this timing belt issue. I wish I would have known I would have had it fixed.

Comment by Denise
2010-01-21 19:01:41

I’m not completely sure, but I think that the dealer should have the responsibility to inform you of any ongoing legal issues with the vehicle. All reputable dealers are kept up to date with notices of recalls, lawsuits, etc. I would talk to the attorney responsable for this suit. You may try the settlement admin, however I would e-mail them instead of calling the toll free line. The CSR’s that answer the line are scripted and most of them, except for one named Shirley, are not extremely bright. They have the script and only the script. They actually only read what is written on the website. Good luck.

Comment by Ben Berkowitz
2010-02-04 19:15:58

The tensioner went on my audi 2002 but it was a 3.0
Engine is totaled. Is there hope?

Comment by mm37
2010-02-09 04:06:27

i know the class action suit is for TTs sold in the States but since Audi TT is STILL an Audi TT, would the problem with the timing belt be the same everywhere else?

Comment by Denise
2010-02-28 17:11:28

Depends on where it was manufactured. Go to website and call to find out. You will need to know where your car was bought if you got it used and if it is from overseas, who you bought it through. Pretty sure though it is too late if your’s has busted.

Comment by Mr. Kelly
2010-02-23 06:30:01

To whome it may concern.
Received my check yesterday.

Comment by Mark
2010-02-23 09:55:25

How did you get your check when there is no funding?

Comment by Denise
2010-02-28 17:09:11

Audi has funded their part, us VW people are waiting on VW. I sent an e-mail to Settlement Admins 3 days ago and they said that Audi and VW are two separate accounts that pay to two separate classes. VW still has yet to fund their account. From what I was told, and I call/e-mail everyday, is that VW told them they were in process. I will post as soon as I am told they have funded. Settlement Admin also said it would take them one business day to print and mail the checks. Hopefully this is coming to an end. Good luck to all of you other VW’s and congrats to you Audi’s.

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Comment by Warren
2010-09-11 09:44:18

Hello all,

Bought my TT (2001) from an authorized Audi dealership in L.A almost 2 years ago and legally imported the car to Canada. The dealership knows me and where I live/how to contact me and never did. I never rec’d any information about any of this. The car has about 43,000 miles on it and is still in one piece. Any advice on what to do with Audi/Volkswagon or if there is anything I can do? Would appreciate any advice.

Comment by Colleen Ehrlich
2010-12-09 08:40:39

I finally received my check from VW after 2.5 years! They said this is the last round of funding. Thank you everyone for keeping me updated.

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