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Saturday, August 16th, 2008 | SMASH TV with

Big Brother 10

Michelle was HOH last week, and her first order of business was to “win this” for Jessie. She wanted to avenge his ouster the week before by going after Libra and Keesha, both of whom she blamed for this. Their heads were quickly put on the block. Picking Libra was too easy. She has proved to be the ultimate whiner and screamer, having others (like Keesha) do her dirty work, complain when she doesn’t do well in physical challenges, and, just be generally miserable and bossy. Even on the evening that Jessie got voted out, she got into a nasty yelling match with former ally, April, who gracefully called her, among other things, a scallywag and ‘ho -this was seconded by her cipher/nightly fornicator Ollie.

Libra certainly has done a lot to merit all the resentment. The problem is that Libra didn’t just sit there and take it, much less let it roll off her back. Like the proud “Rice-f***** University summa cum laude” graduate that she is, her mouth
histrionics get
the best of her
her mouth and histrionics get the best of her as she tries to beat others down, like Jerry, the 75-year old.

In the end, it was Libra who was tossed out, by a vote of 6-0. It proved too much for her, since she also didn’t have anyone to ally with. Keesha, even if it was determined that it was she (and not Libra) who engineered Jessie’s exit, at least counted on the support of Renny and, to some extent, Memphis. Even April, who cannot “stand the sight of the bitch”, managed to put her ill-will aside and take Libra out, knowing full well that if Libra won HOH this week, she would be toast.

In other developments:

  • America’s Player, Dan, voted Jessie out last week because America told him to. He fulfilled all of the tasks and pocketed $20,000, but no one in the house knew this. They did know, however, that Dan was the swing vote. The April-Preacher Son Who Screws A Lot-Jerry alliance last week tried to get Dan to vote Memphis out. It didn’t work because if Dan wanted the cash, he really didn’t have a choice. Knowing this would put him in the middle of the two groups, Dan the once devout Catholic actually took his cross off before voting.
  • The other related event was that Dan promised Jerry that he would join his group and also vote Memphis off. Dan had a sense, I think, that America would want him to get Jessie out. Also, he and Memphis solidified their own dual-person alliance this week.
  • This promise promptly enraged Jerry. When Michelle won the HOH, the coot could be heard calling Libra, Keesha and Jessie “traitors”. All week, Jerry seemed ridiculously angry at Dan because he went against him and voted Jessie out. Strike that. America told Dan to do this. Even though no one knows that Dan is America’s Player -which Jerry does suspect-it’s not as if he was going to say goodbye to some cash just to please Jerry and others, keep Jessie around and not lie. Please. But what was up with Jerry’s completely disproportionate anger leveled at Dan? It’s as if Jerry were some kind of emperor who was personally aggrieved. And what century is Jerry living in? He pulled out the religious card on Dan, calling him a “Judas”, saying that he would “always be a Judas in my house”, and how Dan took his cross off (which was true). Jerry never seemed to let it go every single day, pounding into skinny Dan. Dan did not seem outwardly upset by this, even at the “feast” during which Dan thanked Jerry for being like a grandfather to him with all his advice. Jerry’s classless reaction was not to necessarily thank him, but to remind him what a liar he was.
  • The huge moment of the week followed this same feast —a meal won by Michelle during the food competition, catered by BB. Inside the HOH room, Michelle successfully got the two women on the block, Libra and Keesha, to have a huge yelling match based on what actually was a silly comment Libra made about Keesha during dinner which involved April. Drunk Keesha asked Libra if she “was going there” and Libra instantly did just that, screaming and cussing at her and at once, all their deep-seated resentments came out. Alcohol does that. But in front of a scheming Michelle and a devious April, all of this seemed to be fitting. By the way, the rest of the household -especially the men-were in the kitchen listening to the screams as they were making ice cream sundaes.
  • The appearance of former BB Houseguests from previous seasons at the food competition was a letdown. For one thing, it must have been a taped segment because the current folks were inside in the living room and the former HGs were outside somewhere, hence no actual face-to-face interaction. Brian, this summer’s first evictee played tacky game show host about items in the news. The current HGs had to decide whether the news item said by the former HGs was true or not. Mostly, the current folks lost, earning them “slop” that day while the former BBer got $1K. Seeing Chicken George, Jase, dirty Jun, weepy Bunky and rotten Jen was bad enough, but nothing compared to the awkward slobbering or leering that Grandpa Jerry heaped upon “buxom and beautiful” Janelle. He almost had to be restrained.
  • Jerry won the POV competition. This time they all had to fill up containers with chopped onions in an event called “Cry Me a Veto.” When Jerry did not use the POV and leave Libra and Keesha on the block, he used the opportunity to -ugh-declare that Dan was “lucky” that he didn’t force Michelle to put him up, and yes, call his ass Judas again. Not only does Jerry have no class, he inappropriately has to be inappropriate so he can seem edgy and bold to whichever side has the power that week. For someone who talks about honor and dignity as a former Marine, he sure knows how to kiss up to those people he feels will protect him.
  • April and Ollie continue with the fornication. Ollie intimated that Keesha might be more attractive than April, which she didn’t take kindly to. April believes that because Keesha, at 30, never went to college and works at Hooter’s, she must be a loser.
  • Jerry death watch: He seems to be doing OK under the circumstances, but it’s not physical exhaustion or falling in some kind of event that I’m worried about. I wonder when he will simply stop spouting nonsense lines, or else, he will have some harm done to him somehow. Jerry isn’t meek either, and he may be out of the BB house soon.
  • Update for next week: Renny is the new HOH. She has also just put up April and Jerry up on the block this week. Just moments ago. Dan won the Power of Veto.

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