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Thursday, August 7th, 2008 | SMASH TV with

Big Brother Week 4

Finally! BB10 is getting good. And by good I mean an incredible amount of rage, yelling, bloated egos, screams, throwdowns, crying at birthday cakes being lit and otherwise petty, nasty behavior among otherwise normal human beings. April was the HOH this week, and she put up Memphis and Jessie for eviction. She had told Michelle during the last HOH competition (a ridiculous stunt in which they had to stand on a a sloping ledge, amid wind, water and dust that could have killed Jerry) that she would save Jessie and not vote him out. Memphis was her real target because he has been aloof, flying under the radar a lot and having potentially great physical strength. He was a perfect target, and one that April was able to convince her troop (Libra, Ollie, Keesha and the hanger ons Jerry and Renny) to go along with.

Except that it wasn’t Memphis who was ousted. Surprisingly, it was Jessie, the arrogant jackass who did himself no favors by causing a near riot when he told (and overreacted to) April that Libra and Keesha had spoken unkindly about her after leaving the HOH room. Jessie, taking his fourth nap next door, heard the whole thing. Yes, Libra said some lousy things and so did Keesha, who really doesn’t love April much, but Jessie’s intent was to bust up the other side’s alliance and get the women to literally pull each other’s hair out. Divide and conquer, but really hammer in on Libra.

Libra is truly an odious figure. She is a middle-aged Mom from Spring, TX with a couple of young kids at home. That alone makes her suspect and greedy. She has had to defend herself a few times already. But she has become so shrill and immature, eager to complain whenever her team loses a competition or something bad comes her way. She has taken to name calling, and has a knack for spontaneous and loud combustion whenever someone calls her on something. She has been the vocal center of some of the fiercest yelling on this BB or any other seasons, and all the while she leaves a precious legacy to her children. This week she reached a new low when she snatched a Hawaii vacation (worth $10K) from Michelle’s angry hands during the POV competition and in return forced Michelle to wear the same stinky red unitard that Jen (one of the most horrendous figures ever, from last summer’s BB8) wore all the time. Michelle, no friend of Libra’s, took it very hard, screaming and crying in a way that would rival only, well, Libra.

Other highlights this past week:

· Last week, BB10 unveiled its “America’s Player”, and this time it is Dan, the Catholic High School teacher from Michigan. “America’s Player” is a way for CBS to make extra cash (as if the live feeds and “after hours” footage on its Showtime channel aren’t enough) by asking viewers to vote or text whom their favorite player is. Apparently it’s Dan, a fact he was so awestruck about when he entered the Diary Room and learned he was chosen. What he had to do, at least this week, was complete three tasks that “America wants him to do”, based on how it votes. The three were: 1) convince April to put Jessie up for eviction. (Check); 2) hug a cast member and thus show a sentimental side –also Jessie (Dan sinned by lying that he was missing girlfriend Monica back home, prompting a duped Jessie to give him a man embrace that was timed. (Check!); 3) vote Jessie out. As it turned out, the votes tonight were 3-3 and Dan’s vote was the decider. He voted Jessie out. For all of his completed tasks, Dan picks up $20,000.

· At one point in the game this week, it looked like April and company were trying to isolate Libra. Ollie and Keesha were complaining about her loudness and general bickering nature and that –in true “eating their young” style—she would have to leave “sooner or later”. This discussion spawned the huge eruption that Jessie started. April seemed to be affected by the fight, and it probably made her feel strongly that Libra really is a liability and should be dismissed.

· In the POV competition, there was an intriguing game in which the contestants would win a trophy and inside there was something. All who were eliminated got a cup to open. All got a little something, but like the White Elephant game, if you got a higher place (3rd place, 2nd place) you could take away someone else’s prize. April won $10,000 but in the message it said she could use this in the future to bargain her fate. In the end, Jerry won the POV, which he elected not to use. See the creaky-voiced Jerry feel really full of himself in the overblown POV ceremony here:

· Jessie may go down as the dumbest player on BB this season. Believing he had nothing to lose this week and believing he had April’s protection, he still started acting like an arrogant thug with a diminishing alliance. His hatred for Libra was clear, but it affected Keesha and her BFF Renny. He was blindsided, and Dan’s tiebreaker vote sealed his fate.

· Ollie is the cipher of BB10. He does nothing. He barely speaks. Sex may do that to you, and April and he seem closer than ever and it’s no secret anymore that they’re slappin skins. But where this once brash, fast-talking salesman used to hold court and utter sentences, he has now been reduced to sitting around, cap backwards and offering nothing in the way of an opinion or careful thought.

· Jerry, the 75-year-old, death watch: He seemed OK this week, still in shorts and tank tops. In my mind if my gramps fell off a ledge, even if there was a rubber mat underneath to slide on, I’d still be worried and get his brittle bones x-rayed stat.

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