Espresso Gone Wild

The much ballyhooed “Espresso Gone Wild” may have brewed its last drop of joe — at least in the city of Belfair in Mason County, WA.

County officials have decided the scantily clad baristas at a this infamous espresso stand are simply “erotic entertainers”, and nothing more. And if the women don’t cover up, they’ll be forced out on their barely covered hinnies.

Apparently, the stand opened about a month ago and received complaints at a meeting of the Mason County Board of Commissioners. So the commission sent the owners a letter saying the coffee stand is not zoned for erotic entertainment. The owners said they didn’t expect the negative vibe and will comply with any regulations put forth.

“Almost all of our customers love us, even our women customers,” Porter said. “I personally have not had anybody come up and say anything mean or negative to me.

“I do it because its fun. I’m sure there are some people who would have a problem with that. Sex sells. I guess we’re trying to raise the bar, you could say.”

Kathryn Porter, 24, a dental hygiene student from Puyallup, has worked at the stand for two months. Porter, wearing sweats after working the morning shift Wednesday, said customers’ response to the recently introduced Pastie Days (Tuesdays and Fridays) has been a nearly unanimous thumbs up. [kitsapsun]

And the “outfits” are on the company tab:Espresso Gone Wild

Gone Wild baristas receive a clothing allowance to buy outfits that suit their shape, size and personality, Porter said. Wearing pasties is optional. Workers must be at least 18 years old, but otherwise the company is an equal opportunity employer.

They’re even hiring on craigslist.

So in an attempt to not mount any type of high horse here, or bring up issues of self-respect, future employment, questions asking “what would you do if this were your daughter?”, or the safety of the near-naked ladies grinding the beans, I’ll let an experienced EGW barista illustrate a personal perspective as no one else could:

Posted by katsexpresso on February 20, 2008 at 11 a.m.

I am one of the many baristas at the gone wild stand and all I can say is that a lot of these women comments are a bunch of bull. I work Monday through friday and most every women on here is just mad that there husbands or boyfriends come see us. We aren’t doing anything moraly wrong here just serving coffee in our underwear. You see the same type of stuff at the beach! Are you going to not bring your kids to the beach cause you can’t handel a little bit of skin showing? As for being uneducated… I have my associates of art degree and am working toward being a dental hygenist this fall. I have worked in coffee for 8 years now and have taken many training programs regarding how to make a cup of coffee. I make the same cup here that I did at big foot java!! So you can’t tell me that it tastes like crap when I make it unless if you don’t know what good coffee tastes like. As for security… If you have not noticed we have mace by both windows and other of ways to stay safe which I chose not to disclose. As for no self respect… You only wish you could be as comfortable as I am with my body!! I respect my self more than anyone I know! To anyone who has problems with what we do… Keep talking your making me rich… Thanks again to all of our loyal customers and women who respect what we do!! Xoxo!


[Via kitssapsun] [Via SeattleTimes]

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