Jim Cramer Insane

CNBC’s “Mad Money” host and financial gadfly Jim Cramer went on Joe Scarborough’s
”Morning Joe” on sister cable network MSNBC yesterday morning and for once, he didn’t yell and scream, in his usual deranged, unhinged and gimmicky way.

In fact, he was pretty subdued. Maybe he was catatonic or in a medicated stupor – of the type that Paula Abdul goes on sometimes on American Idol when she thinks she’s seen two performances instead of one (this happened earlier this year). Cramer was part of a panel that was discussing the stock market and whatnot; he is a regular guest, except that he really wasn’t well. Discussing economic policies of yesteryear, primarily during the late 1970s, he seemed to intone the memory of a certain Jimmy Carter, somewhat bowing his head a bit and saying “may he rest in peace”. What?

Hosts Scarborough and Mika Brzesinski stepped in quickly to correct him, saying that former President Carter is alive and well, thank you very much, all of which prompted Cramer to have this moment of shame as he bowed his head even further and correcting himself. I wonder if Brzesinski looks especially sickened, even turning away from this nincompoop since her father, Zbigniew (also not dead), served as President Carter’s National Security Adviser. In the video, too, you see Harold Ford –former Congressman from Tennessee and now working for Obama– visibly bothered by all this. You would think he wanted to knock Cramer off his stool.

Fortunately we have the glib Scaborough to maybe clear things up: “Can we have an Ambien scorecard”, he yelled to his producers, “of how many people wander on the set still on Ambien?” And it makes you think: if Cramer seems to get Carter mixed up with the late Gerald Ford and, as other blog has just noted, he also goofed about this before back on June 16, then perhaps the Ambien or other substance argument isn’t so far fetched. Cramer is on something, or has a horrendous cognitive handicap distinguishing two very different looking former presidents. In that June 16 foot-in-mouth display, he excused himself by saying that “people make errors all the time on TV. Guess this time it was just a ghastly joke.

The only other person I am worried about possibly flipping out one of these days is one of Cramer’s colleagues over at NBC, Ann Curry. Curry is the main news reader for the “Today” show, working with Meredith Viera, Matt Lauer and jolly Al Roker. You can count on Curry for tripping over words because of her astonishingly unbelievable talking speed. But it’s not just that. She has this hysterical, possibly Red-Bull-fueled knack for interrupting people as they are speaking to her.

On a recent Friday live concert on Rockefeller Plaza, the guest was Coldplay –and the results were painful. Viera started reading a couple of lines about the band’s new CD and overall popularity and before she could come up with her first question, Curry completely stepped on her lines and erupted with a fierce, overly enthusiastic question herself. It isn’t Ambien; it’s hopped up energy that propels her from the moment she gets on to read the news furiously until she has to sptint outside to do the cheery banter with her hosts and the crowds who have assembled with their signs. It’s an insane workload, as this “day-in-the-life” of Curry demonstrated last spring on “Today”. I fully expect her head to explode on camera soon.


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