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Friday, August 1st, 2008 | SMASH TV with

Big Brother 10

Keesha, the Hooters girl from Burbank was HOH this week. She was going to avenge the eviction of Steven last week because she felt a kinship with him. They bonded, even cried, about their dogs. Keesha sought first to target the person she felt responsible for this –Angie, who she felt organized the votes to oust Steven. This was understandable. Except that there were far more reprehensible and devious people who claimed to be on Keesha’s side, telling her what to do and whom to put up.

Keesha put up Angie and Jessie as targets, and Angie ultimately left with an 8-0 count. This after a few days of yelling and hollering, a real 5.2 earthquake, more body posing by Jesse and a surly attitude to boot, plus an explosive near-beatdown by previously-mellow Memphis on Jerry (yes, 75-year-old Jerry) that got lots of attention. April and Ollie are still rolling around in the sheets and they have a special glow to them still. Renny celebrated her birthday, her 54th.

Some highlights:

*Apparently Keesha’s resentment of Angie was so deep she told her to her face why she put her up. For her part, Angie never really got buddy-buddy with any of the women, save for Michelle towards the end. Angie told Chenbot on Thursday night that she preferred to hang out with the guys anyways –it was her nature and she wasn’t “painting her nails” every night. While this may be true, it was the fact that Keesha saw her as a turncoat —that by helping to vote Steven out last week, she was actually betraying the original Brian alliance and plan. I think Angie got kicked off because she never found a group to fit in with and when it was too late, she panicked and by then she saw the writing on the wall.

*Jessie was especially annoying this week and getting on everyone’s last nerve, even though he was on the chopping block. He somehow convinced Keesha that Libra was being disloyal, hinting that Libra would put her up once she got HOH, and that she was being played. Oh, and that Libra was a pain to all. (Even April and Ollie, when Keesha told them this, agreed that Libra had to go, thus assuring that they too would toss her under a bus. April and Ollie float in and out seamlessly now, and the sex they constantly have has relaxed them.) There might have been a chance that Keesha would tell the others to instead vote Jessie out, but in the end the feelings she had for Angie must have been stronger and so Jessie was saved. For the life of me, I could not understand what the hell Jessie said in his “save me” speech before the “live” vote.

*It was a quiet summer mid-morning, the small alliance of Memphis-Michelle-Angie and Jessie sitting outside. Then the house started shaking when Tuesday’s earthquake, centered probably 30 or so miles to the east (Chino Hills), rocked the BB houseguests. They all ran out into the open yard, some panicked that this was the first quake they’d ever experienced. As a native Californian, I say, “ho hum”.

*On another quiet summer day, there was a conversation between Jerry and others in which he was casually sizing up some of the young (well, everyone is young!) guys like Memphis and Jessie. They’re the cocky ones in his mind, especially Jessie and his abs and frequent taking-off of his shirts. Jerry happened to mention that he felt that Memphis was a “womanizer” somehow. All this followed an airplane banner that flew over the BB house. Memphis and others deceived the others who were inside that the banner said something about “Libra is a liar…love, Steven”.

This was not true of course, but they just wanted to cause others to hate on Libra. (When Libra was told by Memphis a moment later that it wasn’t just her who was called a liar in the banner –also untrue—she seemed briefly relieved.) In any case, Jerry went after Memphis and repeated the “womanizer” line. To which Memphis flipped his lid. “Are you f***ing out of your mind, old man?!”, he bellowed, as he had to be restrained. Memphis was completely unglued, Jerry just stood there. CBS had a moment of almost certain septuagenerian manslaughter on its hands here:

*Two odd malapropisms were committed this week. In one, Jessie, no bright light inside his smalltown Iowa head, called Libra the most “deviant” person in the house when he actually meant “devious”. Later, on the live broadcast with Julie Chen, keen mind Keesha was asked clearly and with Chenbot’s perfect enunciation whether she felt the houseguests had “underestimated” her —um, I guess her intelligence. Keesha agreed enthusiastically and said yes, they “completely underested” her.

*Jerry had a heart attack scare this week with his run-in with Memphis. Kidding. He really shouldn’t be cheating fate the way he is. Yet the Memphis blow up wasn’t all. Jerry also got Michelle, the Portuguese hothead, mad because of his big mouth. She wanted “physical harm” but she restrained herself from going after him. One thing is for sure: Jerry in red t-shirt, Marine cap and shorts, sure likes to get his nose into things. It proves that many of the house, especially Jessie and Memphis, have no problem saying pretty cruel things at someone who could be their great grandpa.

*Renny floats around in flowery garb and she cackles less. She had a birthday. She is toning it down and laying low. She is Keesha’s best friend, but others don’t really know this.

*Not even going to address the photo shots of Jessie that have been allegedly leaked to other sites by his “friends”. Uh uh. You look them up if you want.

*April is the new HOH for week 4. She stayed on the window ledge (don’t ask) the longest. Expect at the very least more bumpin n’ grindin on the larger HOH bed with Ollie, the preacher’s son.

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