SMASH TV: Big Brother 10 Week 2

Thursday, July 24th, 2008 | SMASH TV with

Big Brother 10

Steven is history. By a 9-0 margin, the champion gay rodeo star from Texas was tossed out of the Big Brother house. Fairly or unfairly, he was caught in the same web that felled Brian, the pushy former Air Force guy, last week. Steven never really allied himself with anyone.

The mistake he made was waiting too long for mercy this week, asking the April-Ollie-Libra-and-maybe-Keesha team to save him, but by then it was too late. He never really had a chance. Deep down, I think Steven was much too disinterested in the game and he seemed to tune out early. He seemed despondent, even depressed, and when he was accused of not being nice, he became nasty.

Maybe he didn’t really know that Jessie was showing off his HOH room because he had just woken up. But this is something everyone does, regardless of whether you like the person or not. Steven just became childish and less credible.

Finally, his attempt to be saved on national TV last night screwed him over even more. Taking a cue from D-lister Kathy Griffin, perhaps his muse, he told the other houseguests that it’s been nice, but, wink-wink, they could “suck it, bitches!”. That left the Chenbot, standing there in front of the live audience, at a loss for words. She studiously avoided broaching the topic during her interview with him. Instead we were treated to mawkish tears and his complaint that this game was “hard”.

Other developments at week two:

  • Last week’s HOH, Jessie, was predictably self-loving and full of himself. He held court, shirtless and bearing his 8-pack abs, posing a lot as the others came by to curry favor. He seemed to figure out that April and Libra were getting a little big for their britches. He found in Michelle a possible alliance partner, along with Memphis and Angie. We also got to meet Jessie’s parents back home in Rudd, Iowa. They said it “takes a while” to get to know Jessie. I say that anyone who has to say over and over again that they expect a bodybuilder like him is dumb has to be dumb. Plus he seems to be compensating for something.
  • The most lurid story of the week was the full-on, as in lights-on-in-the-spa room coital throwdown between clingy April, the 30-something blonde from Arizona and slick Ollie, the 20-something preacher’s son. Forget the interracial pairing part. Forget that when they really started knocking boots –Sunday around 4 in the morning—they did some serious thrusting under a red blanket. Never mind the rumors floating around that Ollie did not use any protection (like the stoners in “Knocked Up”, CBS supplies BB members with a “Costco-size supply of Trojans”). The real story is that Julie Chen had to skirt the entire encounter, showing none of the footage (click here) of this encounter, which she only referred to as a “showmance”. It’s sad when low-rent reality shows generate new words like this. Hey, wait! There’s more Ollie-April hi-jinks here (NSFW) from Wednesday morning! (FF to about the 8:00 mark and see how cleverly the cameras “try” to switch to a fishtank when the thrustin’ gets especially frantic.) Lord have mercy! Do not feel the need to watch this.
  • The other meltdown of the week belonged to Libra. Both she and April fast became the ones to hate: they complained about everything and blamed others for their own failings. During last week’s food challenge, they griped that the teams were not quite balanced. When they lost, they openly (and stupidly) whined that they were disadvantaged by Renny and Jerry, the oldest houseguests. When Libra spoke to Renny, she seemed to imply that they were indeed “slow and old”, which caused Jerry to have a verbal beatdown with Libra that just about caused him to bust blood vessels on his forehead. You can see Libra’s classy display of grace in front of a 75-year old man whom she admired just days ago. Do not get into Libra’s face and accuse her of something bad that she did. Especially if she did it and is being exposed for the petty materialist that she is. Or when she has to eat the “house slop” for a whole week again. Hey, she lost 12 pounds this week!

  • Following last week’s food challenge competition in which the houseguests had to roll around in honey and poke pillows full of feathers, this week’s dopey challenger involved filling bottles of fake red wine that was pouring out of the holes of an elevated roof and…well, you know what? It sucked and it was boring to watch. Thumbs down for putting poor Jerry up there amid all the pouring cherry Kool-Aid. Someone has already predicted that Jerry won’t make it to the end of the show. Yeah, you know what I mean.
  • Keesha won HOH for this week. Should be interesting because 1) she can’t stand April; 2) she has floated back and forth; 3) riled up the house, especially Jessie, the other day when she made little secret of her wanting to save a doomed Steven. In the end, she too voted him out; 3) may or may not be attractive to the new Jessie-Memphis-Angie-Michelle quartet.
  • Apparently, Keesha has put up spoiler here—Jessie and Angie for eviction for next week.
  • Renny and Jerry, bless their hearts, still just wander around the house and, apart from the Libra blow up, fan themselves a lot and stare out into space.

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