Baton-Style Phone

Is that a pack of Rolos in your pocket or…

Apparently the boring ol’ flat, rectangular bar-shaped handsets have driven designer Marc Schömann to the edges of insanity. And this baton-style, buttonless, screenless talkstick is the brainchild of his madness.

You turn the _______ on (yes, it’s nameless) by twisting one of its many sections. If you want to make a call, prepare yourself for a brain teaser and start twisting a bunch of rotating spinners and line up the numbers padlock fashion. The phone uses haptic technology to provide physical feedback for making a call.

Imagine how impressed your date will be when you get a call during dinner and whip this thing out and hold it to your ear.

Notes from the designer:

You turn the dial of every element to the desired cipher. If you entered the number you turn the first segment “to phone” (green LED). If you want to hang up the call you turn the first segment to “hang up” (red LED). The phone works without buttons and without a display and based on the old dial phones.

Give me function; give me form. Marc: give me a break!

Rolo Candy

[Via YankoDesign]

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Comment by Marc Schömann
2008-07-19 05:07:47

hey, i like this post :D
no really! shure this phone is
not functionable or usable,
but it doesn´t have to!

the clothes wich are presented on
fashion shows are not wearable.
just parts of it will be used later
in “normal” collection.

and with this phone its the same,
i use parts of it, ideas of it,
the pros later. on a phone wich
is usable and wich is functionable.

so on marc schömann (the designer of this rolo :D )

Comment by smash
2008-07-19 08:54:15


Enough said. Keep the creative juices flowing and thanks for the feedback.

We love Rolos!


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