My Nuts Are Blacker Than Yours

Thursday, July 10th, 2008 | SMASH Politics with

Before we all get into more of a tizzy about the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s stupid-ass words he uttered when he thought the mic was off on the O’Reilly Factor (of all the shows where this could happen!) last Sunday, let’s get a grip. First, here’s what he said to his fellow guest: “See Barack [has] been talking down to black people…I wanna cut his nuts out”.

The media salivates, creating a dust-up, makes Jesse appear on virtually every morning talk show to apologize and say that he was stupid and vulgar. Once he is past saying he’s sorry he is then asked if this is how he really feels, and whether his support for Obama is still genuine. He rails at everyone that we have far greater issues to deal with —the economy, the war, health care, “a million men in jail”—and we’re all making a big deal about all this. Are we?

Let’s put this all to rest once and for all and hope that this isn’t drawn out for days or weeks to come, or that we don’t have to vote on some annoying pie graph poll tomorrow morning in USA Today or in our Yahoo mailbox.

This is what is important to take away from this kerfuffle:

  • Jesse hasn’t gotten the memo that Obama is indeed black enough and for him to question this at this stage of the game points to his general ignorance
  • Jesse himself would rather do the talking “down” to black folk because he feels he has been pimping faith-based initiatives for decades now
  • Jesse comes from a generation when you didn’t confront your elders. You respected them
  • Like the Reverend Wright issue earlier this spring, Jesse doesn’t like it when you a younger, more erudite, more organized whippersnapper with some dark skin gets positive attention
  • Jesse has not been an active member of Team Obama. nor is he a member of the Dem party elite.
  • Jesse won’t be able to ask his son, Jesse Jr., Congressman from Chicago, for passes to the Obama acceptance speech at the end of the Democratic convention at Invesco Stadium in Denver before 80,000 supporters. Jesse Jr is part of the Obama team.
  • Jesse is stretching to get his name out there and at least guarantee himself some publicity.
  • Jesse will not be Obama’s running mate
  • Jesse will not speak at the Denver convention
  • Jesse may or may not be offered a job as a commentator on Fox News soon. Fox itself didn’t have to release what was said, mind you, but we’re talking Fox here.
  • Unlike Jesse, Obama doesn’t have, as far as we know, a child who was born out of wedlock during a time that he was otherwise married
  • Jesse has once again raised the level of discourse in this country with a single TV appearance.
  • Jesse probably won’t have a job in an Obama administration.
  • Jesse pissed Spike Lee off
  • This whole incident forced Michael Eric Dyson of Georgetown to use way too many multisyllabic (though apt) words to Matt Lauer of the Today show this morning.
  • Jesse still wants to be relevant. If Obama wins, will this be true?

[Via Yahoo News]

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