Aptera typ-1

Steve Fambro of Aptera sent out a recent e-mail to Aptera reservation holders reinstating that the goal to start production of the three-wheeled, typ-1 all-electric model is the end of 2008.
Additionally, it was noted that reservations for the two models (hybrid & all-electric) are now being split into two lists (with option to change models):

…I also want to announce a change to the numbered reservation system that will make timing and delivery much clearer to all of you. Right now you have a reservation number based on reservations for both all-electric and plug-in hybrid as we receive them. We think it will be much clearer if we separate these reservations into two lists simply because the two variants have different manufacturing start and vehicle delivery dates.

Before this change goes into effect, we want to give you the opportunity to switch to the all-electric and potentially be driving an Aptera a year earlier than you would otherwise. Our plan is to separate the two lists on July 31, 2008 to give you plenty of time to make a choice. After that you will receive a new reservation number based on late 2009 plug-in hybrid commencement of production

As you consider your options, you should know that the performance of the all-electric Aptera far exceeds that of any other electric vehicles currently available. The Aptera all-electric will have up to three times the range of the best electric vehicles in the market, the same responsive acceleration as the plug-in hybrid, the convenience of recharging from any standard 110v outlet, and the sheer pleasure of never again having to stop at a gas station!

If you compare the two drive options, the only difference is that the plug-in hybrid has a gasoline-powered generator that kicks in automatically to keep batteries recharged. This gives you incredible range potential, but no difference in acceleration or general driving performance compared to the all-electric. In fact, unless you regularly commute more than 100 miles per day, the all-electric may be a good choice to meet your needs.

For more information on the 300 mpg Aptera, visit the website or join readers (and reservation holders) in the Aptera Forum.

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Comment by Keith M Peacock
2008-10-20 03:04:05

I think that this is a truly remarkable and fantasticly awesome car. I would love to buy one but I live in England, will this superb vehicle be available in England in the near future and with righthand drive?
best reguards for the future.
Keith (Peaco)

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