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MagicJack: It’s at once an interesting concept — the promise of never paying a monthly phone bill again, “just $19.95 a year” with many of the benefits offered by your local Bell but without all the additional fees and fanfare to which we’ve all grown so accustomed.

And from what I read, the FREE local calling, long distance (to the US and Canada), voice mail, caller ID, three way calling, directory assistance call waiting, etc. ARE there. Plus, it couldn’t be easier: you plug the USB device into a free port on your laptop, plug your phone into MJ, and then make your calls.

And at the time of this writing, they are offering a 100% Risk-free 30 Day Trial of the device.

Well the numbers are certainly impressive. Sarah Reedy of Telephony Online reports that the company is selling around 8,000 devices per day and has experienced 25% week-over-week growth since it first came onto the VoIP scene in September. Those numbers certainly aren’t anything to scoff at, and if the promise and infrastructure hold true the company could be seeing even better days as the consumer base ramps up.

But after a few minutes researching I find myself landing on pages such as the Rip-off Report, where dissatisfied users are declaring privacy issues such as MagicJack redistributing personal information or that Magic Jack is forcing users to leave their computers on 24/7 for service (well, duh). The next click lands me at PC Magazine’s Discussion forum where a couple of users take it upon themselves to post an entire conversation with one of the customer service representatives. Here’s an excerpt:

Nicole: May I know why the magicjack doesn’t work please?

Nicole: Could you please be more specific.

Dean : I have already explained that. Give me the return information.

Dean : I will not ask for the return information again.

Dean : I have attempted to return your product in good faith and have been meet with nothing less than bs.

Nicole: Please give a moment please I will try to check your chat history if what is really the reason because I really don’t


Dean : Stop the bs

So what’s the rub? Are the complaints enough to keep me away from trying this thing? Maybe. Or maybe I need to hear more information from users who love MagicJack and just can’t live wthout it…

Here’s a video response from a Magic Jack owner:

For another look, check out dtvconverterboxes for an in-depth review of the Magic Jack. Also check out this review that takes the Magic Jack through its paces.

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Comment by Sanjay
2008-07-03 17:22:36

I bought one of these a couple of months ago and it seems OK. If you want it to work like a regular phone you have to have a dedicated line and machine. I haven’t had to call customer service yet. FWIW

Comment by E
2009-02-16 08:41:24

I’ve had nothin but trouble w/ my M-Jack. are you saying that yours works w/ a dedicated ethernet cable? i.e. dedicated line

Comment by Rahe
2008-07-24 07:25:10

I have 4 magicJack devices.
The billing was handled properly
The units all work perfectly.
I could not be happier.
I have read a lot of the stuff on rip-off and can hardly believe what I am reading.
How could it be easier?
When you plug in the unit, it automatically down loads the software and installs it.
You register the phone number with magicJack
You plug in a single line phone or use a single line phone connector on a multi line phone and call out or in for free.
Oh yea, you have to use the area code but not the 1. Oh darn.
I have 2 commercial lines with 800 numbers that are now open for incoming calls and 2 residental lines that are open most of the time as well.
All out going calls go on the magicJack lines on the internet. who could ask for more????

Comment by JJ
2009-03-23 16:19:29

Hey, more power to you if MagicJack works trouble-free for you. I have had MagicJack for nearly a year and I’m certain that others who did use or are using MagicJack can relate to what I’ve posted on the following web page:



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